You Have Breasts and a Hungry Baby? I’m Offended.

Sunday, October 20, 2013
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The American culture of perpetually being offended has once again displayed the willful and collective ignorance of the masses that undergirds and urges more government laws to “protect” the adherents of the Perpetually Offended religion from being aggrieved.

The hatred for breastfeeding in this governmentized backwater continues. A woman in Missouri is being thrust before a judge because she showed up for jury duty with her breastfed child, and that’s because she had no one else to care for her young infant. The court order states that Laura Trickle ‘willfully and contemptuously appeared for jury service with her child and no one to care for the child.’ You can’t make this stuff up. Really.

Although, a poll shows that the ninnies in the UK and France are just as offended by breasts and babies in public as we are.

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2 Responses to You Have Breasts and a Hungry Baby? I’m Offended.

  1. jeannie queenie says:

    October 24th, 2013 at 3:16 pm

    Yep, all the whackos are out there in full force now. One knows that the very jerks deploring a breast fed baby are probably part of the sicko/psycho contingent who aid and abet the entire porn industry. Most folks don’t know, but more money is spent on porn in the US than all K – 12 and colleges/universities, thus proving the culture of the US is pretty stinking in so many ways. And the moes think they can improve on that culture via cutting clits, allowing their men to enslave infidel women as sex slaves and allow their men and boys (aren’t they all/turks and arabs, boys regardless of age?) when it comes to women and porn. When I taught at an all boys turk/muslim academy four years ago, they were constantly getting into my classroom computer on weekends and bringing up porn which I would find on my computer on Monday morns. Had to tell the admin if they didn’t get the sht off my computer, I would get the police just 2 blocks away and have them come in and check things out…I had a new computer in 24 hours…And so,my point is, although their so called peaceful religion demands that women hide their sexuality, in fact, their personhood via burkas or veils or hijabs, their sons frenetically chase porn sht. Old enough to be the student’s grandmother, these horny shts kept asking me to bring in photos of myself in a bathing suit….or ‘do you have daughters our age?” Now there are some who would say that was a nice compliment, but for me, it was truly scary and fkd up. At any rate, am sure that in any moe country, if a woman suckled her baby, she would end up with more cut off then just her would be a tit!

  2. Mindy says:

    October 25th, 2013 at 11:41 pm

    Honestly, I’m just as offended by the incredible arrogance of conscripting a jury in the first place. So not only is this woman forced to drive to the courthouse and wait all day to be called for an interview at a pittance of the wage she could earn at a burger joint, she is also supposed to find and pay for a qualified babysitter babysitter for her child? She is a slave to the judicial process but is supposed to decide someone’s fate in a meticulously fair manner? Only public schools could produce a citizen who feels privileged to do so under those conditions. I type this having read the comments under the news article.

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