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Tuesday, January 14, 2003
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Yet More SUV Stuff: The anti-SUV Fuhrers keep claiming their anti-SUV tirades have nothing to do with emotions. Here’s a sample of what I get each day:

* “i live in san francisco, where there is an abundance of these cars. these cars bother me because the drivers tend to be incompetent housewives with a cell phone in one ear and a baby screaming in the other. they endanger other drivers and the environment. they are used more to go to the grocery store than to do much ‘sporting’ or ‘utility’ activities. i’ve been in two accidents in my life, both times they were the fault of an suv and their lack of visibility (i was a passenger in suvs both times). i hope you get run over by an suv soon, and your family too.” [Nah, not emotional; and of course it was the other person's fault...or was it the SUV's fault?]

* “it makes me happy to ridicule people like you.” [This guy is awful short on happiness, I guess.]

* “c _ _ _” [Boy, talk about using one's intellect to smash my argument!]

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