Yes, Guns Are “For the Children”

Monday, July 15, 2013
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Predictably, when a teenage boy is saved from a ruthless attacker by a stranger with a handgun, it isn’t national news. Good thing this kid wasn’t in Chicago or New York. Like I noted in yesterday’s blog post – no one ever needs to carry a gun because bad things never happen to you. Bad things only happen to other people, and even then, you should be a good citizen and take your chances that you will be able to beg your way out of a rape, murder, vicious beating, or even torture, as some maniac with no respect for life, and nothing to lose, is pumping adrenalin over the thought of invading you violently and/or taking your life. Tell Matt Landry’s parents that it only happens to other people after their son was abducted from my neighborhood, taken to a burned-out house in Detroit, tortured, and then shot “execution-style in the head” by two teenage monsters. And then go ahead and post another ignorant, anti-gun post on my Facebook page. Hat tip to Mr. Kuyper for the first link.

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