Thursday, June 26, 2003
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A great anecdote from Michael Andrew Grissom’s book - Southern By the Grace of God:

“It’s amusing to hear others try to duplicate our accent. I enjoy hearing Northerners trying to use our infinitely useful little word you’all. More then once I’ve heard national newscasters from their pinnacles of public enlightenment in New York trying to slip it in here and there amongst their carefully purified tones. It seems quite funny to hear y’all without a Southern drawl either preceding it or following closely behind, but then we should give them plaudits for at least trying to improve their vocabulary, if not their dialect. I’ve always wondered how Northerners talk to each other directly, especially when speaking to more than one person at a time, without using the word you’all. In the South, we would never be able to ask a group of people if they were ready to go somewhere, or tell our relatives to come back and see us if it weren’t for that handy l’il old pronoun.”

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