Why I Am Pro-Flemish Secession

Saturday, December 22, 2007
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This article on Belgium left me both bewildered and amused. It reminded me, once again, that though the Left is good on war, they are still lacking a proper perspective on freedom and the state, and the ensuing knowledge that war is the health of the state.

It’s not easy being Belgian. The snooty Dutch look down on neighboring Flemish Belgians as country bumpkins who speak a corrupted dialect of haut Dutch. Flemish insist they speak perfectly good Dutch. Afrikaans, the language spoken by South Africa’s Boers, comes from Flemish, not Dutch, as most believe. Flemish have little love for their Dutch cousins, against whom they once battled.

At least historically rich Flanders is booming. The southern Francophone region of Wallonia is a rust belt suffering chronic high unemployment and crime. French never tire of insulting the poor French-speaking Belgians.

…Many French look down on Belgians in the same patronizing way they do on French-speaking Canadian Quebeckers

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