Whooping Cough Vaccination Fail

Wednesday, August 19, 2015
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For all of the “herd immunity” evangelists who believe that everyone should be shamed into or forced to become revenue streams for the medical-pharmaceutical-government-criminal complex. To quote the article:

The Reno County Health Department tells us a majority of the total cases have been vaccinated.

Same thing is going on in Wichita County, Texas. And the same thing in Massachusetts. So the solution, according to the herd, is to get more people vaccinated.

All the children among these cases were all immunized and their immunizations were all up to date.

..Health officials say the best way to protect your child is to get them immunized as well as the whole family including parents and grandparents.

Because even if they still get the disease, they will most likely get a much milder case of it.

These final two statements are completely illogical and unscientific. But I thought the Vaccination Nation argument was entirely sound, and all else was anti-science? This may be a partial explanation for what is actually transpiring here. Additionally, the National Vaccine Information Center reports:

The Hutchinson News reports that, although “scientists say people are protected from the disease if vaccinated” (an inaccurate statement, given the children infected children in Hutchinson school district), people vaccinated against pertussis can spread the disease to others.

And this is precisely the point to bear in mind as you read about pertussis outbreaks. The outbreaks are not necessarily occurring because of the lack of so-called “herd immunity”—not enough people being vaccinated. They may well be occurring because of the vaccinated population itself.

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One Response to Whooping Cough Vaccination Fail

  1. anonymous says:

    August 21st, 2015 at 8:55 am

    So individuals can shed viruses they have been inoculated with, just as if they have just acquired them naturally? Crazy world where pathogens are unruly, and try to do their thing even after being domesticated by humans.

    Pathogens are not law abiding citizens, and will try to expand wherever they can. They are not reasonible, they don’t care about science or rhetoric. They don’t pay taxes, they are not afraid of going to prison, and they hate it when people are prudent and self-reliant.

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