When Welfare and Abortion = “The Good Life”

Sunday, February 25, 2007
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I spotted a really dumb thing in Self online. Self, an online site for living well, published a piece on the healthiest cities for women. Seattle came in ranked high as a great place to live because “Washington is among the five best states for access to birth control and abortion.” Now, firstly, whether you are yea or nay on the “freedom of abortion” issue, another question comes to mind: since when is abortion a path to wellness? So now abortion counts toward healthiness? Also, how can one rank ‘access’ to birth control when anyone, anyplace, and at anytime can get on the pill with a doctor’s prescription? There’s no access issues – even teenagers get birth control. The real issue here, of course, is Seattle’s ‘access’ to state-funded – read: welfare – abortion clinics for use as birth control by the scumbaggery who are too stupid to take a nightly pill while they choose to extend their filthy carcasses to anything that comes along…..

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