When People Attack, With Fiction in Hand

Tuesday, June 19, 2012
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The lesson of this post is that if you are going to attack someone personally, along with their views/opinions, you might want to actually understand that person’s views, and not turn those views 180 degrees to suit your high time preference needs for vituperative conflict.

I have ignored this raging lunatic for the last several years, and occasionally, something floats in email into my box linking to his latest attack on me (or Lew Rockwell, and other LewRockwell.com writers). Today I received a link to this kooky and breezy comment, which is very mild in comparison to past attacks on me. But it deserves my comment because it enforces a good lesson.

This person has long been obsessed with me, and some folks within the Misesian-Rothbardian crowd tend to laugh at him, and they stare at his numerous car wrecks (blog posts?) littering the road, and they chat about it, because the curious human being finds it hard to *not* turn thy head to look at another ghastly wreck in the road.

In reality, he’s not worth anyone’s time because only his (small) circle of buddies read his blog, but I think it is kind of a fun lesson, here, to point out to this person that he can prevent further embarrassment by getting his facts correct before he attacks. This might serve to save what little bit may be left of his reputation.

Imagine if I published a piece condemning Ron Paul for running as a Democrat in the 2012 election, just because I was obsessed with habitually attacking Ron Paul, no matter what the facts or his relevance to my world. The problem would be that folks might take notice that Ron Paul didn’t run as a Democrat – he ran as a Republican. That might take some of the gusto out of my post, yes?

To quote this blogger:

What bothers me about some of the paleo advocates (e.g. DeCoster) is they seem to ignore plain facts about evolution, such as the rapid adaptation to dairy on the part of herding peoples.

The fictionist’s problem is that I don’t actually call myself paleo (meaning the original paleo purist mentality) and I don’t advocate Loren Cordain’s original, dogmatic paleo nonsense that has a very small grip in modern paleo circles. I call myself primal or paleo-primal or real-foodist, and I advocate the simplicity of real food. Thus I openly and passionately support: the eco-agricultural tradition; a lifestyle outside of the industrial food machine; local farmers utilizing health, sustainable farming methods; and dedication to one’s own health, as opposed to expecting the government-pharmaceutical-medical establishment to take care of you. My archives will support this fact.

First off, the man’s remark is one sentence, with no support for his statement. Just a cheap blurb that has no significance. With an “e.g. DeCoster.” Second, I do not eschew dairy, I never have, and instead, I engage plenty of dairy in my daily life, including heavy whipping cream, raw milk, and lots and lots (probably too much) of raw and or quality pasteurized cheeses. If this blogger had really looked in my archives, he would have saw no less than thirty posts where I either (1) deny/attack the “original” paleo/strict dogma and advocate the simple adoption of real food as opposed to processed and/or junk foods, and (2) champion the drinking of raw milk and the eating of raw cheese. Some people can’t handle dairy, and that’s a fact. But I have no problem with it, and since it is a “real food,” I always stress that it is up to each person to experiment with dairy and understand their tolerance level.

That said, what am I missing here? The fact that the blogger is so hatefully obsessed with me, that he refuses to do his homework, and thus replaces fact with his fiction-of-the-moment?

Tell this person he is more than welcome to stare at my pics on my website, and behold the results of my passion for my lifestyle. If he can stand it.

UPDATE: Look at the comments section where “Ann” correctly states that the psycho-bored blogger, Gene Callahan (who has long cyber-stalked me) has conveniently misstated the facts. Here are Callahan’s replies:

Comment #1: From karendecoster.com/about: “I study health and nutrition issues and I live a paleo-primal lifestyle in terms of diet.”

Comment #2: So, what was that again? The part about acting like a dumb-ass?

If you google this, you can find literally dozens and dozens of places where DeCoster describes her diet as “paleo.” If *she* is wrong about that, that is hardly my fault!

So, apparently, some dictionary somewhere defines paleo-primal as “no dairy?” Really? Just like that? Apparently, my crazed stalker hasn’t seen the “dozens and dozens of places” where I have blogged about my views on this, as stated in my paragraphs above. And he knows nothing about the divisions within the “paleo movement,” and he hasn’t read a single intelligent piece on paleo-primal matters. But, anything to mention me, I guess. The sicko Callahan scours my website, my biography, and my photos to find shit that he can twist to use in his crazed attacks … out of nowhere. Can you say creepy? What a repulsive and pathetic and dickless little man.

Hey Callahan – try paying attention to your wife and forgetting about me, eh?

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4 Responses to When People Attack, With Fiction in Hand

  1. Pete McAlpine says:

    June 19th, 2012 at 10:34 pm

    More important, there is little evidence that mankind has had time to adapt to post paleo diet. . . dairy is besides the point.

  2. M. Terry says:

    June 21st, 2012 at 6:04 pm

    I visited the link and discovered “Another authority on being an authority.”

    My paleo-primal-esque wife and I have both lost weight, pain, etc by AVOIDING the main-stream dietary “whole-grain, low fat” failed paradigm.

    My wife now weighs 128. I weigh around 175 – under 178 with a .45 and two mags.

    My wife also has no more problems with arthritis, asthma or other previous annoyances.

    Yeah – those millions of “anecdotal” experts may just be on to something.

    As long as it’s a study performed by “experts” someone will believe it. Whatever floats their boat is fine with me. Those folks can stick to their grain, sweets, low-fat ice cream, size XXXXXL clothing, and diabetes.

    I only have skin in my own game.

    Goddamn busybodies anyway. Maybe there’s a reason you have stalkers, Karen. Put up a fat suit photo, and maybe that troll will give up his cyber stalking.

  3. Richie says:

    June 23rd, 2012 at 11:06 am

    “So, what was that again? The part about acting like a dumb-ass?”

    Now, in his crazy, deranged world, Callahan may make comments like this to people, but if someone reciprocates, that person is attacking Callahan personally, and he gets enraged.

    On the very few occasions I do read his … well, blog, I suppose (it’s more like entries from the voices in his head), every post he puts up about the paleo lifestyle is so ignorant it is pathetic. He constantly attacks the paleo lifestyle, saying it is not back-up by peer-reviewed science. Hello, argumentum ad verecundiam.

    He recently wrote, and this is a real howler, that the paleo/primal lifestyle’s biggest proponent is a journalist, meaning Gary Taubes. This definitely reveals his ignorance. First, Taubes knows more about science than the faux-intellectual will ever know. Second, Taubes advocates a *low-carb* diet, which is not necessarily primal/paleo (although Taubes has spoken positively of Mark Sisson’s approach).

    So, seeing that Callahan knows nothing about which he criticizes is rather easy. My belief is that his motivation to attack the paleo/primal lifestyle comes from Karen and other libertarians’ love for it. This man is, for some reason, the internet’s most bitter ex-Austrian, and his sick obsession with Lew, Karen and others shows his mental instability.

  4. Mario says:

    June 24th, 2012 at 1:52 am

    To Pete: But isn’t it really much more about the bacteria in us that does most of the real digesting and has had millions upon millions of generations to evolve? I admit I’m no scientist, but I’m just saying it’s not just a question of the evolution of Homo Sapiens.

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