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Saturday, June 17, 2006
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I got a note from an acquaintance, and I call him that because we have been corresponding for so long, I feel like I know him, however, we have never met. He criticizes me and praises me. He’s a little bit cocky but too smart to ignore. He’s crass but sometimes funny. He’s partially a pain-in-the-ass. But he’s often right.

He writes and makes some comments in regards to my recent Reason interview, and my “splurge” of good articles on Mises.org and elsewhere, after about a year or more of a low profile. He notes that my blog is sometimes ass-kicking and sometimes it just ain’t happening at all. He basically says wassup?

Well, lemme tell ya kid. I just don’t have the time to do all I’d like to do. My job does not allow for web-surfing or blogging or emailing or reading extracurricular material. I rarely even open the web at work, except perhaps on lunch. There is much to blog on but I can only cover a tiny portion of what I’d like to cover, and even then, I often have to keep my comments short, and sometimes, there is no time for comments at all outside of a general FYI.

That’s just the way it is. What with my job, home life, family life, and all else, I barely keep up as it is. Plus, I just finished up a grad degree (MAE), am finishing up a Master of Science right now, and will start to teach as an adjunct quite possibly as early as September or January. My working out & training feels somewhat like a full-time job as well, and I wouldn’t give that up for the world. I just finished up a 9-month home renovation project, too. And that took top priority during that time. And there’s hobbies, the social life, traveling, and so on. The time I can manage toward this stuff usually cuts into my sleep time more than anything. Hence the risin’ at 4am and to bed not until 11 or 12. I have so many things I want to tackle I can’t nearly keep up with my thought train. I wish I could do more and write more, and heck, maybe someday that will be the case. But not yet.

I am doing this seminar this week, however, I just don’t choose to do these things very often. Not because I don’t like to, but because I don’t usually have the time, and indeed, the opportunity costs are usually too great. For example, most people who do this stuff, you see, have all week to prepare their topic and speech. They have the time. Not me. By the time I get home from work at 7 or 8pm, there are 100 things to do, and 8 hours til I get up again, and preparing a speech after a full day at work usually won’t happen. So the costs are tremendous. I try to keep the costs down. I am also doing a lot of commercial freelance work these days, and that pays too well to shove aside in favor of the freebie libertarian stuff.

Most often, I choose to spend time devoted to “the cause” just reading and reading some more, writing, blogging, discussing, and attending Mises Institute events.

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