What Would Jesus Drive?: Once

Wednesday, November 20, 2002
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What Would Jesus Drive?: Once again, the glorious SUV is the scapegoat for all the world’s problems. This issue is the epitome of the tyranny of the masses over the free market and free choice. This group of nutbags drove a convoy of cars powered by hybrid, gasoline-electric motors right near my house, up Jefferson Avenue today, on their way to GM’s headquarters, so they could demand 40-mpg cars within 7 years.

It’s more left-wing Christian-Jewish propaganda at work. Note the types of groups involved in this: The National Council of Churches; Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism; Evangelical Environmental Network; and the National Religious Partnership for the Environment. Hardly your “mainstream” Christians or Jews.

The Reverend Jim Ball, of the Evangelical Environmental Network, called transportation a “moral issue.”

And of course, Ford Motor Company and its “green team” is right there, ready to give its willing compliance. Ford is undertaking a major overhaul of one of its most historic assembly plants here – the River Rouge plant (its flagship plant.) It’s said to be the auto industry’s first environmentally benign, sustainable design that will produce cars in an “environmentally friendly” manner. It is going to have an organic roof with “plant cover”, and will replace a lot of steel with fabric. The Chief Architect said the design will “respect the earth, air and water of the site.” I can’t wait to see the roller skates that this plant intends to roll off the assembly line.

P.S. – Jesus would drive a fully-loaded, 4×4 Chevy Suburban with a 5.3L V-8, and leather seats.

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