Weiners and Whatnot: Ain’t No Shame in Their Game

Wednesday, July 31, 2013
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Our public servants and most trusted media members are polluting the gossip columns. First, the stories about the insatiable Anthony Weiner are taking over the bandwidth today. Weiner’s sextee was on Howard Stern’s show revealing a whole lot of personal news about her Weiner Time. And Weiner’s press secretary let loose with a polluted polemic that would make this scene from Pulp Fiction look like Girl Scout talk.

Meanwhile, Geraldo Rivera got a little drunk and tweeted a pic of himself impersonating a grown man in a diaper.

Rivera shocked his followers by tweeting a photo of himself wearing a low-slung towel, tinted glasses, and nothing else early Sunday. The photo has since been removed from his Twitter feed, but clearly the image is still floating around the Internet.

To round out the trio, those of you who are in not in Detroit may not know about Judge Wade “ain’t no shame in my game” McCree. This married Wayne County Circuit Court Judge had an affair with a women who had a child support case in his court. Read this paragraph from the article:

McCree has admitted to sending explicit texts to Mott from the bench and also to having sex with her in his judicial chambers.

Documents show, in a message sent to Mott on June of last year, McCree stated, “Oh yeah, I text from the bench. After last nite, its all I can do not 2 **** off ‘under’ the bench:-).”

Numerous TV interviews with McCree have revealed a gigantic ego and some hilarious remarks. See the video below, especially at the 15 second mark where his “ain’t no shame in my game” pronouncement became legendary. He also sent naked photos of himself to a female court bailiff. As Jimmy Kimmel said, “This whole court is out of order.” If you can believe it, Henry Ford physician Dr. David Jacobi testified that McCree suffers from  “hypomania,” a mental condition that led to abnormal, overly confident public statements. This is from an MLive article:

The judge has admitted to making some questionable decisions, among them cheating on his wife with an attractive litigant two and a half decades his junior, but there may be a defense for his actions.

On Tuesday, the McCree’s attorneys laid out a medical defense for his actions. He suffers from hypomania, a symptom of bipolar disorder that results in impulsive behavior.

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  1. jeannie queenie says:

    August 1st, 2013 at 10:50 pm

    ha ha ha ha ha…a medical condition as defense for his actions according to a lawyer. Now, isn’t that special! Here’s a cure for the Weiner weenie wishing to wiggle his, ‘er, weiner. http://www.theonion.com/video/new-wearable-computer-also-sucks-your-dick,33017/

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