We? Not.

Friday, January 30, 2004
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On NPR today, I heard snippets of a John Kerry speech. Says he: “We make more than enough money in this country, together, for all of us to have health insurance, and then some.” Are we stunned, yet, that we hear people still fumble words like that?

No Kerry — I make money, you make money, individuals and voluntary family units make money, but WE don’t make money. I make my money for me, not “together” as a part of your collective force, of which the do-nots become the “we”. Eh? Comprehend? I make money for me, not “we.” The do-nots don’t make money because politicians like you tell them they are the other half of “we,” of which you would like to include me.

But me ain’t we as long as I can help it…



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