War in Iraq is to Save the Children

Saturday, January 13, 2007
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Listening to FOX on satellite radio yesterday, I experienced a tit-for-tat between feminist Naomi Wolf and some right-wing airhead; I don’t remember who it was. I dislike Wolf, however, she was holding the antiwar line — though just barely, and doing a very poor and inept job of making her arguments. When Wolf said something about Bush needing to reassess the Iraq War and the war on terror, the Fox Ditz shot back in her harpy tone: “Oh, so you mean you want to bring the troops home before they finish the job, and just let the terrorists come over here and get our children?”

If I would have been in the same room with the woman making that comment, I would have been looking on the floor around her for spilled-over brain cells. Nothing more feeble than a “fair and balanced” ditz-o-rama on FOX.

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