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Sunday, April 20, 2003
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Kill for Israel, Empire, and Unilateral Glory
Robert Novak writes a truthful, superb column. From Novak: Coinciding with the Bush administration’s tough talk about Syria, a senior Israeli official Monday exposed a smoking gun. Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz told the Tel Aviv newspaper Maariv: “We have a long list of issues we are thinking of demanding of the Syrians, and it would be best done through the Americans.”

Also: Syria for a decade or more has been building its own chemical weapons, apparently as a puny counterweight against Israel’s nuclear arsenal. [note: Israel's "nuclear arsenal"] Actually, military experts do not consider them weapons of mass destruction. Nor does their possession violate international law since Syria has never signed the chemical weapons ban treaty.

Note that Jay Garner, the new “leader” of Iraq, is a hardline, pro-Israel extremist associated with the most insanely fascist, militaristic factions of Israel. What’s mindnumbing is that folks out there – those with special interests – still believe Israel “has nothing to do with this.”

This neocon, unilateralist administration (and the Clintonian multilateralist-Left regime preceeding it), are simply the most destructive forces ever upon Jeffersonian/Washingtonian foreign policy principles and the future of the American people to live free domestically. I want to hear what all the pro-Iraq war activists have to say now. Of course they’re quite silent, aren’t they? And what about those noodleheads (Liberventionists, as Joe Stromberg called them) that were banging the war drums for the Afghanistan fiasco?

Leno on Bush
Today President George W. Bush announced all this time he has been mispronouncing the word Iraq. He says it’s actually pronounced “Syria.”

Syria in Our Sights
The U.S. European Command is busy preparing a war plan against Syria. I can’t believe they’ll ever strike Syria, because then, the world would strike back.

Why We (or is it “They?”) Fight
Joel Mowbray, with his latest column using the collectivist “we fight,” has more cliches in one spot than I’ve seen in a long time: George W. Bush has given our foreign policy the moral compass it should never function without

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