Wall Street – a Rigged Casino

Tuesday, August 30, 2011
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Karl Denninger has turned out a great market musing, and no further comment on my part can possibly eclipse this stellar polemic on the Wall Street-Government hostile takeover of Main Street.

Go ahead politicians, tell us how important “Wall Street” is to the economy and to you.  Let the thieves and liars continue to pollute the markets and screw everyone.  Volatility is as high as it is precisely because people are tired of getting buttraped and after a few instances of it they simply say “screw this”, take their money and go home.

They don’t need the markets, the markets need them, and they’re gone.

…Don’t even try to “invest” in this market folks, and if you decide to trade, realize that you’re playing in a rigged casino and the entire force of the government is not only behind rigging the casino but explicitly endorses and permits the rigging to go on and continue, despite being fully-aware of it.

Remember, “Wall Street is Main Street” to them – and if that means your retirement and investments get destroyed that’s just fine provided that big buildings in downtown Manhatten continue to be infested by the thieves guild that pumps tithes into campaign coffers.

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One Response to Wall Street – a Rigged Casino

  1. Jeannie Queenie says:

    September 1st, 2011 at 1:09 am

    It’s obvious to me that most folks still ‘don’t get it’. ‘It’, being the fact that the mobsters decided to stop fighting government and join them instead. All the evidence is there and so clear to see..one needn’t have any super duper insight to see so much in the last few years has aided and abetted the bigtime BS on wall street….from tarp/stimulus monies, the subprime mortgage fiascos, the big accting firms who aided and abetted thievery alongside the many banksters who ‘crazily lost folks mortgages/payment schedules’, and congress who goes along with rewarding thieves and CEO’s who bring pools of red ink to their investors while taking home 25 million dollar xmas bonuses, the wall st gang who endorsed all those credit swap defaults and derivatives, much of which were embedded sharia financing by those who would have our heads on platters, wars we cannot win with armies, but could be won with a few good men, thus costing us zillions less, but no, that would infringe on the ‘rights of the military machine/pentagon to bilk us out of billions. I learned this morning on NPR that of $206 billion spent on the wars, that 63 billion was total waste..and that, 18 billion of that latter figure was outright fraud/theft by contractors…contractors who by the way outnumber the number of troops we have on the ground..how about those missiles kiddies….And then of course, we have all those wonderful regulatory agencies of uncie sam…like the SEC where the guys watched porn on their ‘puter’s’ while whacking off the other ‘puter’ all while Barney Madoff made off with billions in lost monies for his investors wishing to get rich off the BM slumlord who rented his services to make all/any rich. Like my sweetie, a former CIA guy tells me, for years he spent a share of his life ‘taking out the trash’, and now the trash heap is higher than ever and he’s glad he’s out of it. You can look at just about any sector now, any gov’t agency or dept and find wholesale abuse and often downright theft…and the most disturbing thing about it all is that American’s keep on sleeping in their wonderland of Dancing with the Stars, or the next big game for Joe sixpack when he can souse his gourd with meister brew to deaden the pain of being screwed over and over and over by forces he finds he has no control over. From what I can see, the guvmint abuse cannot go on forever, and the a–holes who run govt and are making the branches grow, will discover in time that no tree can support branches bigger than the trunk…so yes, Virginia, things will look up once the whole damn tree of govt falls of its own accord. In the meantime look for uncie sammie to take your 401K to pay off debt which of course we know that taking every 401K and every home in America from it’s people could never in a thousand years bring in $40 trillion. But try they will, and as they say, ‘what you abuse, you lose’ and boy, will they lose bigtime along with all of mid america that they keep asking to bend over just one more time. All the shady sheisters, from banksters to boy toys in govt that are in their pockets, will also lose along with us. It will be fun to watch these morons attempt to survive seeing as few of them have ever worked one honest day in their life, and fewer yet, can wipe their butts. All fakes, all phonies, all thinking they’d get something for nothing…their day is coming and it can’t come soon enough, can it? My favorite sign seen on wall street in 2008 was one which read in large bold letters, JUMP YOU FUCKERS….too bad they and other banksters don’t heed good advice.

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