Vista, not Longhorn

Sunday, July 24, 2005
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Microsoft announced a new name for its upcoming OS: Vista. Good call. Longhorn never passed muster with me.

On that front, my drawn-out “Mac or Windows?” showdown has come to an end. The Mac move to Intel – and thus an uncertain future for Mac’s differentiation – was the final mover for me. Also, the time I’d need to invest to make the move (opportunity cost of re-learning) and the money I’d have to spend on certain software I use, swayed me to stick with Windows, at least in the here-and-now. My best move toward Mac will likely be with a laptop in the near future, which was suggested by a reader.

I’ve gone to the Athlon dual-core, with 2 G of RAM, and (2) RAID-configured (mirrored) hard drives at 250G per. I have a 300G external to back it all up. This custom-built hemi will set the study on fire, and ought to rip through Photoshop, and my other graphics programs, with relative ease. It is scheduled to arrive at my door next week. Smash the hourglass indeed.


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