Viennese Songs from the Mises Circle

Wednesday, October 29, 2003
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Via Jeff Tucker:

The Grenadier of the Marginal Utility School

An economist moved to Germany
A learned position to pursue
This should have been a certainty,
For in Wien he’d learned a thing or two.

But the good man learned the tragic tale:
Marginal Utility was deceased.
Its followers lamented the school’s corruption,
Their dozen just wouldn’t increase.

At this our economist cried bitterly
Oh, for the terrible news!
Oh, that life hadn’t been granted me,
Gone to the dogs is my muse.

My books! What’s to become of them?
Editions printed, no demand.
I might well burn them straight away
Wisdom’s met its final stand.

Dishonor its death knell sounding,
and my friend fate has betrayed me.
In world protest, with pride abounding,
I’ve got Hari Kari to save me.

I shall not do it hastily
This would be no friend to reason.
I exchange my life here justifiably
For sacrifice knows its season.

From the treasury of Menger’s works,
I lay a volume on my breast.
Now pen in hand, my dagger dear,
With it my soul may find its rest.

And so I stilly lie, and wait
Like my books, remaindered and dusty.
But hark! Now complementary goods,
They cry for battle, loud and lusty!


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