Vermont State Police Express Their “Pigness”

Saturday, February 11, 2012
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Though I love pigs (the animals) and the end products they provide us, the term in an old epithet for police officers used by people who are not fond of the police state and its activities. In Vermont, there appears a funny story (see the photo of the decal):

How did an image of a pig — the infamous ’60s-era epithet by protesters for police officers — wind up on a decal used on as many as 30 Vermont State Police cruisers?

State officials Thursday pointed to the failure of the quality assurance office within the Vermont Correctional Industries Print Shop in St. Albans to detect a prisoner-artist’s addition made four years ago to the traditional state police logo. A spot on the shoulder of the cow in the state emblem was modified into a pig.

An investigation has begun into how the computer program was improperly modified to insert the image, Vermont Corrections Commissioner Andy Pallito said.

Perhaps that is one tiny consequence of enslaving people to labor for the state? I believe, however, that the police state has outgrown the “pig” label. The ominous jack boot seems to be a better representation of the current state of affairs.

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One Response to Vermont State Police Express Their “Pigness”

  1. liberranter says:

    February 12th, 2012 at 3:15 pm

    While I’ve hurled the term “pig” as much as anyone else who detests today’s cops, I really think we need a more apt epithet to describe these disgusting creatures (cops, not four-legged swine). I think that the rat is a much more appropriate zoological symbol for today’s “law enforcement” officer. The rat is destructive, filthy, bottom-feeding, disease-bearing, and lethally aggressive while conferring no tangible redeeming qualities upon society whatsoever.

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