USDA Puts Your Money Where Its Pyramid Is

Sunday, February 19, 2012
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USDA Rural Development provided a “Value-Added Producer Grant” to a potato chip maker so the company can secure new contracts to sell more junk food that Michele Obama crusades against in her “war” on obesity. Meanwhile, the USDA’a brother-in-arms, the FDA, has shut down the operations of a peaceful businessman who sold raw milk to his appreciative customers. The FDA spent 2+ years and millions of your tax loot to smash the Amish farmer and uphold its war on raw milk. Meanwhile, it supports the rent seekers, like our potato chip maker, so they can grow businesses friendly to the government’s dietary guidelines and nutrition edicts. In fact, the USDA awarded $40M worth of these grants to conforming “entrepreneurs.” A quote from the Reuters story:

“We gave them a grant so they could try and figure out what was the best path for them to take to be successful,” said USDA Rural Development Illinois Director Colleen Callahan.

Except any path defined as “successful” must pass the sniff test of the USDA-FDA controlled food safety and nutrition mandates.

Tom Harkin snared $1.1M for his state, Iowa. Harkin calls these strategic subsidies “developing healthier food and drinks.” Like potato chips? Here isĀ  a complete listing of the recipients of the government booty. Note the conventionalĀ  dairies (using pasteurization) and sugar companies, etc.



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One Response to USDA Puts Your Money Where Its Pyramid Is

  1. Ken Ashley says:

    February 23rd, 2012 at 12:30 pm

    The Department of Agriculture and FDA should be abolished. Some of the best examples of citizens paying for their own destruction, although the list is endless. None of these operate for the citizen, of course.

    “Since then, the FDA has refused requests to label genetically modified products as such despite demands from consumer protection groups.”

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