Urban Marxism and the Victimology Ruse

Sunday, April 29, 2007
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This is dead serious – so why am I laughing? If there is any group of people that I love to hate it’s the urban Marxists. So here they are again, fighting the “evils” of environmental racism. Accordingly, it’s not only white folks that dump garbage in minority areas, but apparently, global warming is also racist as well.

Jump ahead to 2007. A follow-up to the original 1987 report is produced. Titled “Toxic Wastes and Races at Twenty,” the new study – co-authored by Mohai with colleages Robert D. Bullard, Robin Saha and Beverly Wright – concludes, “People of color are found to be more concentrated around hazardous waste facilities than previously shown.”

According to the new study – which utilizes improved methods of analysis developed over the two decades since the initial report was produced – “people of color make up the majority of those living in host neighborhoods within 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) of the nation’s hazardous waste facilities. Racial and ethnic disparities are prevalent throughout the country.”

The problem is particularly acute in Michigan, especially in Detroit.

The whole article reeks of sheer ignorance and ranting hatred. These urban activists are die-hard Marxists, which is why you can’t begin to explain to them the notion of economics and property. They hate wealth (unless it’s in their hands after taking it from your hands), successful suburban communities, and, most of all, their lives are made miserable by knowing that private property exists. In the first place, the regulatory state – that these folks want more of – starts the ball rolling via it’s arbitrary decrees from a centralized power. The people empowered in Washington have no interest in communities 1,000 miles away, nor do they have an interest in the maintenance or upkeep of local property. Second, neither do the local residents have an interest in anything public. Nobody has anything to lose by trashing public property, and so they trash it. People rise up when – and only when – they determine that they can sell their victimology status by confronting the powers-that-be. And the only way to draw the proper attention for the new victim group is to base their baseless claims on something that is at the core of the state’s secular religious code – racism.

We are talking about urban areas that are used as a dumping ground for tires and furniture, and a pissing ground for the homeless. No one wants to talk about the fact that the next best use of a piece of vacant, litter-strewn property in a dilapidated area of Detroit is, well, a garbage dump. Here’s a really senseless remark:

She points to the recent debate regarding location of a second river crossing between Detroit and Windsor. When the group studying the issue initially suggested a bridge could be located in such upscale communities as Grosse Ile and Grosse Pointe, those communities quickly mounted protests and those plans were discarded. Consequently, the focus of a new crossing is the poorer, heavily minority community of southwest Detroit.

This supposedly proves racism. Grosse Pointe is one of the nation’s richest communities, and it is strictly a residential and small business community. Grosse Pointe has no road system that is urbanized and capable of carrying massive amounts of car and commercial truck traffic from Detroit to Canada. The infrastructure doesn’t exist and it never will. Literally, three or four suburban areas would have to be plowed under in order to re-route and re-build highway infrastructure – with a cost of billions of dollars. The claim that the new bridge could or should go through the Grosse Pointes is not ever feasible and it is entirely irrational. It’s like saying you should build a government-subsidized housing complex in a residential backyard, and if that doesn’t happen, it’s due to racism. This schizo agitation is merely a power play on the part of self-certified victims who do nothing but make outrageous claims in order to support their wild assertions. And local chumps like Curt Goyette (the piece’s author) – wearing their guilty white liberal badge of honor – show up to give these ranting fools a place in the victimological sun.

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