U.S. Senate Still Cracked—and Still Racist, Too

Saturday, March 20, 2010
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This is a guest blog from someone else. Well, not really a guest blog, but I am posting this for a fellow blogger who won’t post it where he blogs. This is an amazing story about the racist government that is getting no airplay at all. Hat tip to David Kramer.

The U.S. Senate—which in order to make sure the Rockefellers et al. continue to live in their multi-billionaire lifestyles by lending the Federal government more money (through the “Federal” Reserve) to govern things which are NONE OF THE GOVERNMENT’S BUSINESS (is anything?)—has just passed a more “benevolent” law of slavery for the sheeple: The august upper house of the Banksters’ puppets has just lowered the ratio for crack and cocaine offenses to 18-1 from the more draconian 100-1.

I can only say, “That’s mighty white of them” (which is a nice segue for me to elucidate on the words that follow the “em” dash in the title of this post). It’s a well-known fact that the distribution for crack cocaine occurs mainly in low-income inner city neighborhoods (i.e., poor Black neighborhoods) because it costs exponentially less than pure cocaine. As a Libertarian, I of course believe that an individual owns his own body and, therefore, has the right to do with it as he pleases—even if it is harmful rather than beneficial to it. (I like to say, “If you’re not going to die for me, then don’t tell me how to live.”) By continuing to criminalize this cheaper version of cocaine (not that cocaine use should be criminalized either), the government adds another problem to the potential health problem—it increases the crime rate in the neighborhood due to the illegality of this substance. (Yes, that’s just what poor Black neighborhoods need: HIGHER crime rates.) Now you understand why I refer to this bill as racist (along with all the other political/economic interventions that the government imposes on all U.S. citizens in favor of Black people to ostensibly help Black people—but that’s a blog post for another time.)

By the way, Bankster House Negro (I know,”Negro” is not the correct word, but one can tolerate only so much of my provocativeness) Number Two, Attorney General Eric Holder (we all know who Bankster House Negro Number One is), applauds this step in the right direction by the Bankster puppets in the august upper house—rather than supporting the notion of re-legalizing all recreational drugs.

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2 Responses to U.S. Senate Still Cracked—and Still Racist, Too

  1. cousin lucky says:

    March 22nd, 2010 at 12:17 am

    Ms De Coster,

    Your post here brings to my mind this recent piece from TomDispatch:

    The money generated by the sale of narcotics is what is keeping this country afloat. Making narcotics legal would kill the profits and destroy our banks!! We can not have that, now can we!!!

  2. Michael says:

    March 24th, 2010 at 10:12 am

    Secretary of State Clinton was asked the “third rail” question by a reporter the other day during a press conference on the recent violent flareups in Mexico.


    From the article: “Clinton said the administration is ‘looking at everything that can work’ to combat the drug cartels. But when asked by a reporter whether that included considering decriminalizing narcotics in the United States, she replied with a single word: ‘No.’”

    Of course, ending prohibition put an end to the bootlegging, the violence, and other societal ills when it came to alcohol. What makes Clinton think this *can’t* work for other drugs?

    The police-military-criminal-justice complex feeds off our neo-prohibitionist laws. If all of this were legalized, their “jobs” would vanish. Clinton knows this and her bankster masters know this too.

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