Two Notes About This Blog (Webmaster Wanted)

Sunday, November 30, 2008
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#1: Apologies to anyone who has emailed me in recent weeks without a response. As always, I can read the emails, but cannot always respond. Thanks to my blogging spurt and publishing spurt – on and TakiMag – in recent months, my email traffic is triple what it was just three months ago. I have finally come to realize that while I am always trying to “catch up,” I never really can accomplish any such thing. It’s a pointless chase trying to return all the emails, even the really great ones. I have run myself ragged trying to catch up and keep up, and so I finally have to let go of the chase. I would have to spend three or four hours per day returning emails, and that is just not possible. In fact, for each hour I spend on emails, that’s an hour less devoted to reading, or writing, or even the many other things in my life. Finally, I have come to accept that staying on top of emails will always be an impossible task.

#2: Some of you have written me to tell me that if you permalink to some of my blog posts, there are goofy characters where I have quoted (copied-and-pasted) from other places on the web. That is a technical error on my site, and I am working to get that fixed. What happens is that when I cut-and-paste from elsewhere, quotes and apostrophes turn to question marks. Not always, but sometimes. I am looking for a new blogmaster now, and this will be his first job. If you know of someone who can do my occasional work at hourly rates, please pass on the info.

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