TSA Incompetance, Arrogance, and Self-Importance

Friday, July 27, 2007
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People who do not have to fly and thus have no quarrel with the TSA and its assininity really bug me. “Oh, just do what they ask and be done with it,” they say. This really happened to me because of some monkey who actually takes the government’s code colors seriously. tsa.bmp

On the way back from Kansas City a couple of weeks ago, the TSA chimpanzees really pissed me off. You see, it was a hurried business trip, so when I flew from Detroit I figured that anything that got through screening the first trip would make it through screening on the trip back. Not so.

Some wuss with a plastic badge screened my purse and took it aside for further inspection. So out came my two tubes of rather pricey Mary Kay lip gloss, my lip balm, my mini hair spray, and my assorted make-up pieces – all stuff that has been sitting in my purse for months or years. This stuff has gone through security many times just this year alone. They took it because I didn’t have those items in the official, little plastic bag. But they left my bottle of visine intact. And they took the $2 water I bought, literally, 10 feet away from the security entrance. Here was me, travelling in a business suit, being treated like a scum criminal, taking off my shoes, having my purse raided, and being shuttled along like a piece of debris.

For years, I have travelled with a sizeable, folding pocket knife in a zippered compartment in my purse. As of yet, do you think these fumbling fools have found it? I keep it there, and wait to see if in fact they can find this actual weapon in addition to my tiny tubes of sparkly lip gloss and lip balm. In 5+ years of TSA tomfoolery, they have not caught it in screening. People are truly fools to put up with this.

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