Trayvon and Zimmerman

Saturday, March 31, 2012
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The is the best article I have seen yet on the Trayvon Martin killing: “Trayvonnosaurex Rex” by Jim Goad.

Although modern journalism suffers no shortage of liars, most of the false impressions it creates are more due to a careful omission of facts. And in the Trayvon Martin case, I’ve seen a whole lotta cherry-pickin’ goin’ on. Due to the way the saga is being framed, as well as the fact that it’s swollen into the top news story in America, a rancid little tug in the pit of my stomach tells me this could all get a lot more dangerous, and quickly.

The flames are being fanned by paid scribes and well-compensated activists who’ve been salivating for a good old-fashioned white-on-black hate crime, even though this isn’t technically one of those.

But the torches are being carried by those who are acting like they know exactly what happened—even though, like me, they weren’t there, either. They are gathering in mobs, donning hoods, and demanding blood vengeance just like people gathered in mobs, donned hoods, and demanded blood vengeance a hundred years ago. And just like the mobs from a hundred years ago, they seem to have the sympathy of the media and the president on their side.

The mainstream media has repeatedly shown photos of a much younger and *smiling* Trayvon, and a frowning mug shot of George Zimmerman. Yet pictures of a smiling Zimmerman in a suit exist (the media won’t show that photo), as does a photo of the 16-year-old gangster wannabe Trayvon with his … tattoos and gold teeth? See the photos here.

While the worst Trayvon photos and tweets are being exposed ’round the Net by alternative media, the Washington Post actually denies that those pictures are Trayvon, even though you can clearly see it is him in some of the photos (others aren’t quite as clear). The media whores and everything-is-racism nazis love Trayvon, while the media has made Zimmerman out to be a cold killer.

What I really found interesting was the Twitter feed exposed by the Daily Caller. Trayvon tweeted under the names T33ZY TAUGHT M3 and NO_LIMIT_NIGGA. Nice. Here is one of his tweets: “Plzz shoot da #mf dat lied to u!” Here is 152 pages of Trayvon Martin’s Twitter feed; it’s frightening to think that stuff is coming from the mind of a teenager. Lots of crazed stuff about being angry, as well as “fucking bitches” and “sucking dicks” and “niggas.” Yet we are repeatedly shown old photos of a much younger and smiling (and cute) Trayvon Martin. This kid was no saintly teenager. In fact, Trayvon had been suspended from his public school prison, and a search of his backpack found a lot of women’s jewelry, a watch, and a … screwdriver? Trayvon, when asked where all the jewelry came from, said a friend gave it to him. Yea, right.

My first thought about George Zimmerman – perhaps a slight rush to judgment – was that he was a wannabee mall cop type, the avowed leader of his neighborhood watch, prowling the streets like he was some kind of badass. Loser-ish, in a sense, or so I wondered. My impression was not good, but the first media impressions of Trayvon Martin were far too polished, as I am used to seeing in the media. So I sat back and waited until the media reports started to reveal a different Trayvon and the real George Zimmerman.

We still do not know what went down in the altercation between these two individuals, yet I do know that we had, on one hand, George Zimmerman, a badass wannabee and perhaps a loser type who was out prowling the streets. And Trayvon, as you can see by his photos and tweets, is a gangsta wannabee, a troublemaker. Putting the two of these individuals together, in an altercation over territory, was like gas on fire. Both of them could be very much at fault, but I’m not confident that we will ever know the full truth unless a dependable witness comes forward.

In the end, this issue is the latest episode in the ongoing race war, even though Zimmerman is technically hispanic. The media, which loves to focus on race and gear up for the next race war, is fueling the fire for the black activist community that digs wearing hoodies in support of their poster child for “everything is racism” – Trayvon.

Meanwhile, the other campaign being waged, here, is the war on guns, and gun owners in general. Was Zimmerman a sensible man who responsibly owned a gun? I don’t think we have enough information to know that answer yet, but good or bad, this killing will be used as another launch pad for the anti-gunners to spring forth even more myths and emotions and lies that will be used against all of us gun owners.

After all, the anti-gun rights Obama administration is looking to use any and all incidents to quash state gun laws with its federal powers. Especially when the child killed is black and would look look Obama’s son, if he had one.

UPDATE @ 4/1/12:

Russia Today reported that NBC altered the 911 call to make Zimmerman sound like a “racist.”

On Tuesday, NBC’s Today Show hosted by Ron Allen ran a segment of a phone conversation Zimmerman had with police shortly before killing Martin, as reported by Fox’s Hannity Show. NBC’s version of the phone call allegedly had Zimmerman say the following about Martin: “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.”

But in reality the two sentences were separated by a question the 911 dispatcher asked. The original phone call transcript ran like this:

Zimmerman: “We’ve had some break-ins in my neighborhood and there’s a real suspicious guy. It’s Retreat View Circle. The best address I can give you is 111 Retreat View Circle.  This guy looks like he’s up to no good, or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.”

911 Dispatcher: “Okay. And this guy, is he white black or Hispanic?

Zimmerman: “He looks black.

Here is the Breitbart story on the altered call. NBC News has apparently launched an internal investigation.

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5 Responses to Trayvon and Zimmerman

  1. Bob Wallace says:

    March 31st, 2012 at 1:40 pm

    I refer to incidents such as Zimmerman/Martin as “When Morons Collide.”

  2. Matt says:

    April 1st, 2012 at 9:22 pm

    Bottom line – Who is making money off of this sorry saga?  Black-on-Black crime is very prevalent and countless young men die for no reason.  Where is the outrage for that?  Where is Jesse?  Al?  Oh wait…sorry…no money in that!

  3. David says:

    April 2nd, 2012 at 12:51 am

    Karen and readers,

    I avoid the mainstream media and pop politics in general like the plague, so I wasn’t following this contrived hysteria at all.

    However, I did stumble across a great article by the GREAT researcher and writer William Grigg, which – assuming he’s accurate – does indicate that, though Trayvon might’ve been a punk, he was very probably murdered by a power-tripping, wannabe tough guy thug, Zimmerman:

    (That’s just a small part of Grigg’s article, actually. The larger thesis is that incidents like this happen ALL THE TIME, only they’re not cherry-picked by the media to command blacks into a fervor because the murderers usually are government workers – cops.)

  4. Tom Osborne says:

    May 7th, 2012 at 6:11 am

    About a decade and a half ago, the house I was renting was burglarized by some kind of a crack addict punk who stole over $15,000 worth of things from me (which at the time was half my annual income) and also several items that were totally irreplaceable and impossible to evaluate monetarily.  That vermin was in my house for over eight hours, going through every single thing I owned, while I was away at work.  The Sheriff who came over to investigate and to collect any fingerprints, if possible, found only teen-age size fingerprints muffled by the thief wearing a pair of socks on his hands.  ”We stop these kids with fanny packs and what they have in them is a pair of socks and a screwdriver, their standard burglary kit.  The screwdriver is their tool for breaking in,” and then he proceeded to show me that despite my deadbolt locks, screw locks on all the windows, and the broomstick in the rail of the rear sliding glass door, all the burglar needed to break in was a screwdriver. He also said that I still had some valuable stuff, that the lone thief simply couldn’t carry all of it away by himself.  ”You want to keep this stuff?” he asked.  ”If so, I suggest you move it out now, because he will be back, and, as you have seen, there is no way to keep him out.  Your house is an automatic teller machine for him, now.”

    What I most remember from all that was “a pair of socks and a screwdriver in their fanny packs is their burglary kit”, “if you want to keep it, move it out now”, and “there’s no way to keep him out.”  That very night, I began the process of moving away from there and attempting to rebuild my life.

    After reading your piece here in which it was revealed that Martin had a backpack with a lot of women’s jewelry and a screwdriver (presumably he was wearing the socks), there is now no question in my mind that he was a burglar, just as George suspected (or KNEW), always on the look-out for the break-in opportunity.  (Burglars steal in the areas that they are most familiar with, because they have cased out all the residents’ habits.)  I wish we had a George Zimmerman there were I used to live.  The important piece to remember is these Martin types completely get away with it and there is no way to stop them.  They just keep on coming back and coming back and coming back.  OBVIOUSLY this is true, for otherwise, there would have been no need for a “voluntary neighborhood watch captain”.  Those guys don’t just spring up because they like to take in the night air.

    People want to vilify George, say he was some kind of a “wanna-be cop” on a power trip?  I say he was someone who really KNEW what was going on and was serving a definite need (while the real cops, of course, do nothing). And the cockroach parasites like Martin, they don’t deserve to live.  There.  That’s MY take on this whole thing. 

  5. jeannie queenie says:

    May 7th, 2012 at 11:05 pm

    @Tom…I do believe you hit it right on the head. The screwdriver bit is for real…these guys know how to break in with very simple tools. I taught at an all boy turkish muslim school 4 years ago. These kids got into the school on weekends and then made their way into teacher’s rooms via a screwdriver. Once in, they would steal my supplies, get in my computer and change grades, and then feast their eyes on porn sites all the meanwhile their mothers and sisters are forced into wearing body bags…talk about hypocrisy..the boys are taught that women are NG, the work of the devil according to Moooo ham ed, and so they have no respect whatsoever for you or your property. When I found the porn on my computer one monday morn, I ran down to admin and told them I didn’t want to sit in jail for it for I sure as hell didn’t put it on there..and if they didn’t want the police two blocks away to check things out they had better get it removed from my computer…in two days, I had a new computer, but that still didn’t prevent these little shts aged 14-18 to keep breaking in the computer and changing grades. I am told by one in the know that when the kids leave this school and go onto college, they can’t hack it and so have to go to a diff college each year. The part that really got me however was that they all major in Poly Sci with the hopes they will govern in our great country someday. I hope to hell that jane and john doe can leave their remotes, six packs, doobies, cams, ipods long enough to see what is on the horizon just like in australia, canada and europe. The whole country prefers to insert head up arse, so it appears.

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