Totalitarian-Loving Catholics *and* Amputees for Bush

Wednesday, June 28, 2006
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I had blogged about this before: the depraved photo-ops of Bush jogging with the amputees of war. So we have this:


Via Ryan’s post about the war-loving, baby-bombing, excuse-making, flag-waving Catholic, I came across this blog post and photo.


The only thing that this man – a hard-and fast Catholic, don’t you know – could manage to muster in response the the telling visual was an imbecilic remark made in childlike awe in regards to the technology at hand. Says he: “Apart from the tragic injury and politics, I am amazed at this technology making it possible to run without legs.”

Well golly gee. The reality portrayed by the photo completely escapes him. His brain has been re-wired to accept fiction as fact. To people like him, the unfurling of photo propaganda has a bright side, and never a down side. The images are warm and fuzzy, and heck, overhauling slaughtered soldiers of the State showcases the glories of technological advancement! Goebbels loved unthinking and compliant beings like him. ["Yum, yum - come hither to my gas chamber, young man."] The war-loving, baby-bombing, excuse-making, flag-waving Catholic makes our totalitarian establishment leaders very, very happy.

To quote Hannah Arendt: “Totalitarianism is never content to rule by external means, namely, through the state and a machinery of violence; thanks to its peculiar ideology and the role assigned to it in this apparatus of coercion, totalitarianism has discovered a means of dominating and terrorizing human beings from within.”

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