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Tuesday, September 3, 2013
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My interview with Robert Wenzel from last week is up at the Economic Policy Journal. The topic is, What’s Really Going on in Detroit? While contradicting the naysayers who have never step foot here, I discuss what’s really going on from my view in the trenches – both the good and the crummy.

Amazingly, I have received eight media requests, in the last week or so, to be interviewed for TV, radio, and podcasts about Detroit’s rust to riches story, as chronicled in my Detroit blog. Because I’m not a trust fund baby, I can’t even respond to half the requests I get. But I appreciate that so many good folks – like Robert Wenzel –  are interested in my idiosyncratic viewpoints.

On a related topic, Robert and I did not discuss Virginia Postrel’s recent flatulence regarding Detroit, but this will be discussed during some future interviews. In fact, next up on the topic of Detroit is Lew Rockwell’s podcast. You can find examples of Postrel’s anti-Detroit sentiments in her Bloomberg column as well as her Facebook page. In fact, here is a post from Postrel’s Facebook page from June 12th:

As you can tell from the comments in the book tour post, all of Detroit now hates me because of these recent Bloomberg posts: and

Postrel has taken some strange shots at Detroit via her articles on the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) that were published on Bloomberg. I dropped a comment letting Postrel know that I don’t hate her, but I can certainly help to educate her. In fact, I invited her to come here (and not just passing through on a freeway via the airport) and I will personally take my time to show her the good, the bad, the ugly, the fantastic, and the grass-roots, voluntaryist, hyper-entrepreneurial anarcho-economy that she won’t find on Google, except my website. I’ll also introduce her to some DIA people I know so that she can get the straight facts instead of the varnished media version. She never responded to my invitation. Additionally, Postrel has posted some really quirky anti-Detroit comments on her Facebook page. She lives in Los Angeles, hardly a bastion of architectural genius, fine culture, and interesting aura.

Two glances at Postrel’s Detroit writings tell me this: she’s a Googler, googling “all about Detroit” from her Los Angeles-Hollywood pad so that Bloomberg can pay her for her uninformed opinions disguised as educated perspectives. In an interview with Deadline Detroit, Postrel noted that she has “been in Detroit,” meaning she hasn’t been to Detroit at all in terms of actually visiting Detroit. She’s apparently passed through Detroit, just as I have passed through New York. But I don’t write about the local issues related to New York because Google does not tell me anything about the political history or the socioeconomic factors that are at the foundation of New York’s current political affairs.

Again, I don’t hate Postrel. And if she doesn’t hate me, perhaps she will come here and allow me to take my (limited) time to show her how this city is being transformed via entrepreneurs and grassroots efforts that are without equal anywhere else in the world.

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  1. George says:

    September 5th, 2013 at 2:53 pm

    What will happen with Detroit debt and pension liabilities?  The financial crisis in New York City might be viewed as a new beginning but paying off the previous debts took at least a decade or two.  I wonder if New York’s solution, Big MAC which was kind of like receivership, will end up being the one used in Detroit.  How do you think things will be worked out?

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