Too Little, Too Late

Wednesday, March 22, 2006
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“No other state has a tax like this and neither should Michigan,” Van Woerkom said. “Most other states have prospered in recent years while Michigan remains mired in some of the worst unemployment and job-creation rates.”

This relates to Michigan’s unpropitious tax known as the Single Business Tax. The SBT, as it is known, is a penalty tax, meaning it taxes far more than just profits. Not only that, it’s a bitch to have to prepare it, too. It is very time-consuming and thus costly to businesses. Now that Southeastern Michigan has become just about the worst place in the U.S. in terms of employment and business growth, the local dictators are scrambling to get rid of it. But….as they remind us, we must find a suitable theft replacement before we can possibly get rid of a tax not only chases away potential businesses, but also sends established businesses packing to other, more tax-friendly (if there is such a thing) states.

Too little, too late. For Granholm and Company–and all that came before her–have already been sowing the seeds of destruction for Michigan’s economy with their fascist regulatory environment and corporatist alliances.

Add Granholm to my “they oughta have the inside of their ears filled with jelly before being rolled in an anthill” list.

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