Time vs Lights

Friday, December 24, 2004
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I laughed when I saw Kinsella’s comment: “Jeff, I’ve been doing that for years. All the neighbors think I’m nuts to leave a Christmas tree out for disposal full of lights. I guess they just don’t value their time.”

How true! But who gets it (except Kinsella and Tucker)? Read Rockwell’s praise of shoddy products, a masterful piece, and it begins to make sense to those who may not ponder such things.

For instance, in a makeover of my kitchen esthetics just recently, I tossed several fully working items: a toaster, expresso maker (cheap one), toaster oven, and various pots. Why? The white toaster and toaster oven looked like crap, and I wanted only a toaster oven, in metallic red. Being it was $29 for a new one, you bet I’ll toss an 11-year-old toaster oven that works. I got a Starbucks Barista expresso maker on sale – about 60% off, on a close-out – in candy apple red. This is the high-standard expresso maker that I haven’t had since my mid-90s Braun pooped out two years ago. This is not disposable. It is the center of my kitchen, along with the Braun grinder. I just got a set of Revereware, copper-bottom pots for 60% off; $50 for a 10-piece set. So I threw out the stuff that was starting to look nasty. The Revereware, to me, is disposable, ’til the next time I want to change colors, or see a better deal.


And Christmas tree lights? Pshaw! Toss ‘em without hesitation. Better yet, buy a pre-lit tree.

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