Time Inc. Leaves Detroit

Friday, November 26, 2010
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From Time magazine’s “How to Shrink a City“:

Barely a mile from Betty Corley’s lonely house on Dubois Street, on a typical autumn weekend morning, the stalls and booths of Detroit’s Eastern Market are a gastronomic wonder — and a social one as well. Nearly 40,000 people from throughout the metropolitan area flock to the market for the best produce from the Midwestern countryside, and also for the very urban experience of being part of a multifarious, multigenerational and multicolored crowd. The Eastern Market vibe is evident, too, on those summer nights when the Tigers game at Comerica Park ends at around the same time as the soul act across the street at the Fox Theatre and the last notes of La Bohème die out around the corner at the Detroit Opera House. As the three crowds swirl together on the rim of Grand Circus Park, you’d think you’re in a version of the ideal 21st century city.

Now that the magazine’s Assignment Detroit has come to a close, I am missing it. This assignment was a one-year project focusing on the people, events, and issues of the city. Detroit was all over the pages of Time, Fortune, and CNNMoney. I thought the Time assignment was unique – instead of the hit-and-run journalism practiced by the rest of the media, Time hired a full crew of observers/writers and put forth an entire year of effort digging deep down into Detroit culture, its problems, and its potential. Time writers and editors did not hotel in and out of the city; they lived in a house on the west side – dubbed the D-shack by Kid Rock – and used the house as its headquarters. The D-shack is now up for sale, and no, it’s not selling for $1.

Now for a final quote from the article “How to Shrink a City” that should strike a chord with everyone who has lived here and has witnessed the crumbling of this city underneath the giant and visible hand of a corrupt and arrogant Marxist power structure (specializing in the welfare-entitlement-nepotistic state) that began under the dictatorship of mayor Coleman Young:

It may be wishful to think so, but in a city where race is the insidious sword that slices its way into every conversation, this reversal of migration patterns could turn out to be a uniting development — if Detroit gets lucky, and if people of goodwill recognize their mutual dependency. The increasing African-American presence in the wealthier suburbs heightens suburban concern for the city’s problems. At the same time, a growing presence of more-affluent whites in the city enhances both the tax base and the perception of progress. “I hate to admit it,” native Detroiter Greg Thrasher recently commented on TIME.com’s Detroit blog, “but I am fully aware that the presence of white folks in America increases the quality of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for nonwhites.” He concluded, “It is a reality I have confronted all my life as a Black activist, yet I do hope the return flight is full.”

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One Response to Time Inc. Leaves Detroit

  1. Jeannie Queenie says:

    December 1st, 2010 at 10:52 pm

    I left that hell hole of a city back in the early sixties when even then 3/4 of the city was on welfare. Smartest thing I ever did.
    Knowing that Dearborn now houses the largest muslim group in the country makes me really really happy I left. Ran across an article out of Detroit on 81% of Detroit Muslims wanting Sharia Law..http://www.jihadwatch.org/2004/04/survey-81-of-detroit-muslims-want-sharia-in-muslim-countries.html
    Iowa they passed a law that no Sharia Law can ever take root there….good to see someone in the country has their head screwed on right. In the UK they now have over 100 Sharia laws on the books..couple that with a muslim growth rate of five to our ‘whitey one”, and you get a clear poison picture.

    A month ago a video from al queda informs Detroit muslims to act…http://www.foxnews.com/us/2010/10/25/al-qaeda-video-asks-detroit-area-muslims-terrorize/

    Sounds to me like they don’t want the imams to get all the press with their youtube videos telling the men(?) ‘How To Beat Your Wife Properly’ (so kids don’t know what a mean mother f’r you are).

    Meanwhile back in Manhattan, Imam Feisal Rauf is hardly making any friends or influencing people on his towers project. If every American were to know of his Radical Global Agenda, I would think they’d want to run him out of town…actually heard that he and wifey have been getting death threats in NY……


    Is it any wonder Rauf is getting threats when he claims that he was behind Obama’s speech that the Messiah gave in Egypt 6/09…sounds a little too chummy and moreso, crummy, if you ask me. Radical Rauf wants to rearrange the US on his terms. http://www.shoebat.com/documents/911Imam.php If you want a real birds eye view of what muslims are told, this is the best video I have yet seen on cultural jihad on America. They view our freedom as antithetical to their belief that freedom is bad. This video is powerful and thank god, this Kamal Saleem had an experience which changed his view of Americans. He now has the mission of trying to reach other muslims. We should all send our prayers that he is successful in his mission.


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