This One’ll Have Bovard Shakin’ in his Boots Alright…

Tuesday, July 20, 2004
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This is not The Onion. Mr. Bovard, look out for this intellectual powerhouse comin’ down the pipe.

Republicans have had it with the wave of anti-Bush books and movies popular in today’s media, so they are penning their own thank you to the president in a book set for release the day before the Republican National Convention opens in New York later next month. Titled Thank You President Bush, the book will include chapters from many well-known Republicans and conservatives explaining why they like the president. “This will be THE must-read book of the season on the pro-Bush side,” said editor Rod Martin. “We wanted to counter the deluge of liberal Bush-bash books, and we wanted to do it in a highly readable form by top-drawer, highly credible big-name conservatives who could really make the case that George Bush deserves another term,” he told our correspondent Suzi Parker.

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