The Wisdom of Erasmus: “Let

Thursday, November 14, 2002
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The Wisdom of Erasmus: “Let us now imagine we hear a soldier, among these fighting Christians, saying the Lord’s prayer. “Our Father” says he; O hardened wretch! can you call him father when you are just going to cut your brother’s throat? “Hallowed be thy name” how can the name of God be more impiously unhalllowed, than by mutual bloody murder among you, his sons? “Thy kingdom come” do you pray for the coming of his kingdom, while you are endeavoring to establish an earthly despotism, by spilling the blood of God’s sons and subjects? Dare you to say to your Father in heaven “Give us this day our daily bread;” when you are going, the next minute perhaps, to burn up your brother’s corn fields; and had rather lose the benefit of them yourself, than suffer him to enjoy them unmolested? With what face can you say, “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive them that trespass against us,” when, so far from forgiving your own brother, you are going, with all the haste you can, to murder him in cold blood, for an alleged trespass that, after all is but imaginary. Do you presume to deprecate the danger of temptation who, not without great danger to yourself, are doing all you can to force your brother into danger? Do you deserve to be delivered from evil, that is, from the evil being, to whose impulse you submit yourself, and by whose spirit you are now guided, in contriving the greatest possible evil to your brother.”

Erasmus may have been a pacifist, but many unnecessary wars or conflicts took place in his lifetime. How do the so-called Christians in America reconcile their religious foundations with unprovoked, Imperialistic war?

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