The War Party’s Warlords: An

Tuesday, September 24, 2002
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The War Party’s Warlords: An angry reader – tired of the United States government’s domestic tyranny – pens an excellent letter to me:
As I was listening to a radio host yesterday, a thought occurred to me (it happens occasionally). Who are terrorists afraid of? Who could kick in their door at any second and kill their entire families with impunity? Who do the terrorists hate and fear?

Now, who am I afraid of? Who could kick in my door at any second and kill my entire family with impunity? Who do I hate and fear? Is there a pattern

Who is responsible for all this confiscation and murder? Could it be American and Israeli warlords and their clients?

Here’s an irony: We American citizens look to the same American warlords for “protection.” And, what do we get? Another cog in the tyranny ratchet.

The mistake the terrorists are making is thinking that dead American and Israeli citizens will somehow sway policy. Big mistake… “Leaders” in D.C.
and Israel don’t give a damn about their sworn duty to protect their citizens. Waco, Ruby Ridge, Elian Gonzales and in-your-face Jewish
settlements have proved that without a doubt. In fact, more terror gives them the exact excuse they need to continue their oath-of-office perjury. If
peace somehow emerged, they’d have to find a new reason for living.

All I can say is thank God for the Internet, because if the citizens of this world ever prevail over this crap, it’ll be the Internet that does it.

Can you sense some anger here?

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