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Wednesday, January 22, 2003
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The Typical American Idiot on War: Tonight, Lew Rockwell was on Brian Wilson’s radio show, KSFO in San Francisco. Some 55-IQ, retarded, jackass warmonger called in and gave his “brilliant” assessment on why we need a war against Iraq: “We’re Americans, sir! We fight. That’s what we like to do. We Americans want to see some ass-whupping, we want to kick some ass.” This, undeniably, was the prevailing mentality during Bush Senior’s Gulf War, when all the little armchair shithead generals sat in front of CNN all day, jacking off over smart bombs and sorties. It is ASTOUNDING how illiterate people are, and how they will showcase their illiteracy without a single speck of embarrassment. This little prick had the gall to tell Rockwell he “hasn’t done a damn thing for freedom because he never got paid to kill for the State”, but yet, this guy will be slurping a beer and clicking through the channels in his toasty recliner when “asses are being kicked” in Iraq. The pro-war American public are a bunch of mindless, revolting morons.

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