The TSA is a Terrorist Organization

Monday, December 29, 2008
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I can’t think of anything better in a depression than killing off exports for the Pacific Northwest cherry industry. A new TSA ruling that goes into effect in February is still unknown, but what is certain is the costs it will foist upon one industry that relies on exports via passenger airline cargo.

On another note, how about the new ruling that allows you to keep your laptop in your bag? Oh but it has to be an approved TSA design! In fact, you can read the ‘TSA Laptop Rules for Hapless Dummies’ right on the TSA website. Every time I take a commercial airline flight the whole experience makes me sick. Going through security makes me feel like I am being marched through the front gate of an old-time Soviet Union gulag. TSA workers are disgusting human dregs who can’t find real jobs – barking out orders, puffing up their chests, trying to intimidate because they actually think of themselves as superior, and staring at your face looking for any sign of disapproval.

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