The Stoning of continues……

Sunday, September 26, 2004
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More of it! What is with this dude? I don’t agree with alot on LRC, and certainly concerning Gary North’s Protestant-fundamentalist-type viewpoints, but how does this paint all of LRC’s acquaintances with the same brush?

Note the comments to his blog post that assume a Libertarian “alliance” just because Michael Badnarik [LP presidential candidate] links to LRC on his webpage. In reality, if this clueless dip stopped to really understand the ‘Net, he’d know that Badnarik links to featured articles daily or weekly [constantly changing], and, in addition, Badnarik has been dissed on LRC most of the time by us no-vote, non-politicos, except by a few LP types that write for LRC. Is Mr. Palmer playing the Kevin Bacon Connector (or the six degrees of Gary North) here? Because I want him to link to an article on that advocated stoning homosexuals, instead of pointing out someone who writes for LRC, who wrote about A, B, and C elsewhere, etc.

‘Tis it seems we could play the Kevin Bacon Connector with Cato, and have an absolute good time, eh? Shall we start with Dick Armey or Rupert Murdoch?

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