The State vs Peter Duesberg

Thursday, February 23, 2006
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Physician Donald Miller covers a very important topic on today. I thought everyone had forgotten about the great work of Duesberg. I had the pleasure of hearing him interviewed, many times, on a local talk show here in Detroit–in the 80s and 90s (via a skeptical, anti-state, quasi-Objectivist talk show host named Mark Scott). His story is the story of the crucifixion of a brilliant and un-PC genius whose ideas were simply too unpalatable to the mainstream MD schlemiels. As Miller says, “A totalitarian system now exists where only scientists that adhere to the prevailing orthodoxy can receive funds to conduct research. Not only will the government not fund studies on alternative hypotheses for AIDS and cancer, but this stricture applies to other areas of inquiry. All research on climate change must conform to the dogma of human-caused global warming, and studies on vaccines dare not criticize their safety or efficacy.” The tentacles of health fascism are far-reaching indeed.

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