The State Doesn’t Kill; Nail Polish and Grandmas Do

Monday, August 28, 2006
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Today, I heard from a news guy at 1110 WBT AM talk radio in Charlotte. He said that one of their lead news pieces today was this. “It’s no secret what you can’t bring on board an airplane with you these days. But 66-year old Janet Gregory apparently hadn’t gotten the word before boarding a flight to Charlotte over the weekend. Authorities say she was discovered on board with a bottle of nail polish. Not only did she somehow manage to get that nail polish on boad her flight from Cleveland… but she used it to paint her nails along the way. And when ordered to give up the polish… authorities say she refused. Gregory was arrested the moment the flight landed at Douglas Airport… and even then… went kicking and screaming all the way…….This woman is now facing four charges: resisting a public officer, simple assault, disorderly conduct and communicating threats.”

Here’s her arrest summary with photo. How would anyone expect an old woman to act? She’s a feisty, old lady, and she is likely not an Internet hound, thus she had no clue about leaving the killer nail polish at home. I guarantee you that most cantankerous, elderly people would respond the same way to such harassment.

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