The Salatin Family’s Polyface Farm on Film

Tuesday, September 29, 2015
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Here is a wonderful trailer for a new film that is expected to be released in 2015: Polyfaces: A World of Many Choices. This is a film about the Salatin family’s Polyface Farm in Swoope, Virginia, a place in the Shenandoah Valley that receives worldwide attention because of Joel Salatin’s unflinching adherence to free-market farming and conservation. The trailer is so beautifully presented, I can’t wait to see the film.

The man who Time magazine has called “the world’s most innovative farmer,” Joel Salatin, is actually much more than a farmer. He is truly an amazing mesh of innovator, entrepreneur, conservationist, orator, and most importantly, he is a principled and dedicated free-market advocate who continually challenges the mediocrity and politicization of the Industrial Food Complex. Salatin’s orations consistently stress autonomy and decentralization as a natural part of the human condition. And never, even in the case of GMO labeling, does he call for government to protect or enforce.

Salatin describes how his family turned a farm that was once “the armpit of the community” into what some observers call “the best farm in the world.” And as one man says in this trailer, “people around the world are copying what is going on here, and it is breeding a whole new kind of entrepreneur.”

I think it’s important to understand what makes Salatin so special among his peers. Humans are not spiritually drawn to centralized, lethargized, catatonic-gigantic institutions that flaunt power and openly engage politicians to advance their rent-seeking abilities at the expense of decentralized markets. Except for some very feverish dogmatoids, very few folks get the warm-and-fuzzies over Monsanto or PepsiCo. Consequently, large political organisms must use propaganda and force to maintain their foothold and deflect criticism. This is why free markets are overtaken by what we call “complexes,” or rent-seeking, oligarchic machinations that use government – including patents, legislation, special-interest tactics – to enforce strategies that are advantageous for industry profitability.

Joel Salatin is one man with a farm who has heaped necessary attention upon the social and political forces driving America’s dependence on its convenience-oriented, health-destroying, industrial food machine.

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One Response to The Salatin Family’s Polyface Farm on Film

  1. Matt T. says:

    September 29th, 2015 at 9:25 pm

    Karen – Joel Salatin is so counter-cultural right now and if you think about it 100 years ago that is what EVERYONE did!  It is refreshing to see someone stand up and say “look…we can do it!”  If I ever get tired of my job (it’s coming!), my goal is to get a farm and do what Joel does.  

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