The Rotten, Deplorable, Stinkin’ US Post Office vs UPS

Monday, January 28, 2008
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Today I heard a commercial on satellite radio advertising for some US Postal Service-UPS global alliance thingamajig, but I didn’t quite hear the details. I know the punchline was something like “two great powerhouses coming together…” {{choke}}

Well, I just hate using the government’s mail system. Just recently, I had someone notify me that a piece of important registered mail was coming my way. It didn’t come on time, as promised. It was three days late when I called my post office. The sender gave me what he thought was the tracking number, but since the US Government mail doesn’t use modern equipment, it was hand-written – no, scribbled – on a piece of paper. UPS, by the way, gives you a printout/receipt from its computer. The writing was not legible, so the gal at the post office tried various combinations that didn’t work. She then put me on hold for ten minutes and walked around the place looking for the registered mail bin and my mail. Nothing. An hour later I finally deciphered the hand-coded writing and called her back. This time, the number was my real tracking number. Yeah! Wait…

Me: “Where’s the letter?”
She: “I don’t know.”
Me: “You have the tracking number, and you can’t track it?”
She: “No ma’am. I just don’t have the equipment to do that.”
Me: “Yer kidding, right?”
She: “No, we just don’t have the equipment, here, to be able to track registered mail.”
Me: “The post office can deliver the mail with a tracking number, but not track it? And so? Why did I need the tracking number? What’s next?”
She: “You have to call the Consumer Affairs division. I’ll give you the number.”

I called the number and it was some lady’s voice mail…….she…….. was on vacation. I am not blaming the lady – she was nice enough, but she clearly didn’t have the technology to track the registered letters they deliver.

In contrast, my UPS guy knows service. Not only does he have great legs – don’t they all? – but each time he comes up my driveway he’s loaded with the package and, of course, a handful of treats for the two big dogs that greet him. He seems to hit my area at about 5 – 6pm, usually when I am not yet home from work. So if he stops at my house and none of us are there, he goes about his other deliveries. I order stuff like wine alott’a the time, and he can’t drop that stuff off without someone being home.

I have a very recognizable vehicle and so he always ends up seeing me coming home, driving down somewhere, speeding and whatnot. What does he do? Upon spotting me, he comes back to my house, knowing I’m home, and brings me my package. He goes out of his way to look for my car and come back. What great service.

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