The “Real” Nutrition Pros

Tuesday, March 3, 2015
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This yahoo (no pun intended) claims to be a “real nutrition pro,” meaning that in order to be “real” you had to have followed the tediously conventional path as determined by the government and assorted special interests that profit handsomely from (1) their monopoly on information and certification (2) interminable sickness/disease, and (2) medical-pharmaceutical dependency in general. Here’s a dumb-ass quote from the article if there ever was one:

3. You can’t trust the medical “establishment.” When someone uses charged statements such as “If you want the real truth…” or “The FDA is using us as guinea pigs,” it’s most likely not credible. Trusted health organizations such as the American Heart Association, Food and Drug Administration and National Institutes of Health develop nutrition recommendations based on overwhelming peer-reviewed evidence and can, in fact, be trusted. While it’s true that as the science evolves, recommendations may be updated, reputable health organizations make evidence-based recommendations.

Due to the prodigious influence of Big Food and its cornucopia of marketing lies, the entire Registered Dietician profession is made up of legions of hypnotized automatons who have been reciting the standard, politicized text for decades, while their helpless victims – uneducated, sick people – have paid the price in terms of their lives, whether it be quality or quantity.

So, the AHA, FDA, and NIH are “trusted” organizations? And that’s that? The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends that humans eat a high-carb, high-grain, low-fat diet, while the AHA’s sponsors (as found on its website) are culled from the arena of Big Food-Big Agra and Big Pharma. The FDA is a criminal and incompetent government framework for eliminating competition and furthering government-big business alliances. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) funds its own slanted studies from taxpayer booty and uses political policy to intentionally distort science and promote coercive public health policy that stamps out individual liberties and personal choice.

But amongst the ruins there exists a thriving profession of indoctrinated fools called “registered dietitians” who destroy individual lives so they can pay off their student loans and peddle their garbage wisdom long enough to make it to retirement.

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