The Prescription Age

Monday, July 23, 2012
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I usually don’t like a whole lot of Mitch Albom’s writings, but this column takes on a good topic: our medication nation. Albom writes:

Here’s the mentality of our country now: If you have a problem, open a vial. Cholesterol rising? A pill for that. Can’t sleep? A pill for that. Feeling blue? A pill for that. Never mind that these issues were once dealt with by diet, exercise or facing our problems. Today it’s easier — and better for the drug industry — if you just ingest something.

…What level is truly too high for cholesterol? How long is too long for depression? What really determines ADD? The lower the bar, the faster the medication gets prescribed. And if you don’t think the drug industry exerts pressure on those levels, you might want to take another pill: for naïveté.

I suppose this is why the same government that enables Big Pharma and its medical establishment co-conspirators is the same government that has developed a “policy” for fighting prescription drug abuse (see page 48). A snippet from the national drug control strategy (referring to prescription drugs) reads, “National data show that in 2009 the 39,147 drug-induced deaths exceeded deaths from motor vehicle crashes (36,216).” But how much of the drug data is accurately reported and captured? Likely, a small set.

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One Response to The Prescription Age

  1. jeannie queenie says:

    July 24th, 2012 at 11:34 pm

    As if we can believe anything that Big Pharma in cahoots with Big White House will say or this out.

    “On June 14, the FDA awarded GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) a license to sell MenHibrix, a new vaccine that combines two meningitis vaccines into one shot, without asking the agency’s own vaccine advisory committee for an opinion, despite the fact the FDA had rejected the license in 2010 and 2011 because GSK had trouble proving the vaccine actually worked ” So here we go again…FDA rejects said vaccine…and yet, FDA awards Glaxo Kline Smith with a ‘go ahead and fk ‘em over’ via rx, vaccines, whatever the new pill on the block is. But dare you as a parent decide what and how many vaccines your kid will get, then you run into trouble.

    I am truly amazed that more mothers are not going ‘postal’ over this sickening/detestable/criminal bs of vaccines up the wazoo for their little ones. You really have to hate your kid to allow big govt or your dumb doc to push this sht onto you and yours. When raising my five kids in the 60′s and 70′s the average amount of vaccines were only about six before the age of five. Today that has increased ten fold, yep, over 60 vaccs before age 5…and for what…so a bunch of big pharma pricks can take home 10-25 million $$ bonus bucks.

    You think they give a fiddley frckn fk if your kid has a reaction or their health is harmed in any fashion..not a chance.The reason they must pass this one quickly is to cover their arses over their last major fk up….”Glaxo Smith Kline, has agreed to pay 3 billion dollars so the states and the federal government will drop allegations that the company illegally marketed and priced medicines like Paxil, Advare and Welbutrin. If the proposed settlement is finalized, Ohio’s medicaid system would be reimbursed 40 million dollars” The biggest drug fraud yet, medicare of states was bilked by

    $3 billion bucks, and Ohio alone will get back $40 mil to their coffers. Is there not a way that these corrupt morons can be hung by their balls at dawn? Surely they deserve no less…but wait, isn’t our fair obummercare program going to surmount and prevent said fraud…
    not holding my breath, although they are telling me in a few short years they have the perogative to take mine away.

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