The Oprah World of ‘Tolerance’

Saturday, June 20, 2009
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‘Tis funny how I offended a few folks with this post - especially on Facebook. To hail a book called “I Hate People” is seen as intolerant as well as offensive to someone’s feel-good, made-up, “happy happy” Oprahized world of ignorance. The word “tolerant,” like “judgmental,” is one of the most abused words by those folks who can’t seem to define what they say. They string along of bunch of “happy happy” words, along with some fuzzy, undefined packaging, and then add some exclamation points (!!), and their self-esteem is thereby pronounced intact. (The consistent use of exclamation points is a sign of forced happiness/self-esteem.) People who adhere to very defined principles set within a strict philosophical framework, however, are seen as “intolerant” or “mean,” and are therefore too challenging for people who wish to wear blinders, not think, and pretend that the world is void of realities. For reality will interfere with their perpetual claims of “happiness” and “joy” and whatever other gibberish they can come up with in order to fit in with the low-IQ, sheeple crowd.

Remember those ‘Mean People Suck” bumper stickers? I still see those occasionally. I’d like one, for some people, that says, “Reality Avoidance Will Eventually Suck.”

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