The Neocons Support Free Expression……….When

Tuesday, January 28, 2003
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The Neocons Support Free Expression……….When They Approve of the Content: Hilariously contrasting posts, one right above the other, from Andrew Sullivan’s blog:
DERBYSHIRE AWARD NOMINEE: John Derbyshire, adding yet another minority, Irish Catholics, to the groups (blacks, gays) for whom he affects disdain to the point of revulsion.

[Derbyshire had said, "A friend in DC emails to tell me that there are 100,000 antiwar protestors on the Mall. I am reminded of watching the New York St. Patrick's Day parade once with a friend of Ulster Unionist sympathies. As the massed ranks of Irish marched past, my friend sighed and said: 'The things you see when you don't have a gun!'"]

ISLAM VERSUS FREEDOM: Yet another example of what happens to free expression when theocratic fascists get into power.

As is usual with the Neocon Thought Police, don’t dare attack the protected classes such a blacks, gays, various creeds, or, even here, Sullivan pretends to be annoyed by Catholic bashing, though he clearly uses it as a way to get in the “blacks, gays” thing – his two favorite protected classes. For fun, read a day or two of his blog, and count the number of times “gay” is used.

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