The Multicultural Terrorization of Europe:

Monday, January 13, 2003
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The Multicultural Terrorization of Europe: The neocons love multiculturalism. The National Review, in its usual, social leftist approach, has taken to glorifying Muslim culture and its role in the multicultural overthrow of white, Western civilization.

In a January 6, 2003 article titled Empire, 2003, Amir Taheri’s thesis is that the European Union is evil because it is admitting countries into the EU that were never a part of the Roman Empire, while it shuns the entrance of Muslim Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Morocco into the EU. Needless to say, Third World, Muslim countries have little to offer Western culture – overall – except terrorism, fanaticism, poverty, welfare cases, and more societal/cultural problems. Says the author: “North Africa, which has the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, could become a kind of Florida for the old-age pensioners of western and northern Europe. In exchange, millions of young people could move north from the south to provide the labor force needed to keep the modern European economies going. Turkey, for its part, could become an important reservoir of manpower, agricultural production, and purchasing power for an expanded Europe.

A judicious mix of wealth and technology from the north and manpower from the south could turn the Euro-Mediterranean region into the biggest and most prosperous economy the world has ever seen.”

Glory be — sounds great, doesn’t it? In other words, we’ll give you our pretty beaches if you give us your lily-white, Christian culture for purposes of overrunning and annihilating it.

Naturally, the entrance of Turkey – and other Muslim countries – into the EU would be Europicide. The Multicults, with their Therapeutic State policies, are already killing off Western culture by hailing the glories of alternative lifestyles while reconstructing a European social system that has relied upon Christianity as the bedrock of its traditional ethical value system.

The Diversity Loving Peoples are out to destroy everything white and Christian. That is their entire agenda. Taheri states, “The Europeans, especially the French, pride themselves in having secular political systems. Thus there is no logic in treating the European Union as if it were an exclusively Christian club. It makes no sense for the European Union to court Georgia and Armenia as future members, simply because they are Christians, but slam the door in the face of Turkey and Morocco which are closer to Europe by geography and history.

Rome’s own history is an illustration. As long as it was an open society, accepting people of all faiths and ideas, it remained a dynamic maker of civilization. Once it had frozen into an instrument for a single dogmatic brand of Christianity, it began to decline and was ultimately defeated by its traditional enemies.”

Indeed, that is a contemptible, anti-white, anti-Christian statement. The Multicultural Peoples simply can’t tolerate it when they aren’t allowed to effortlessly overrun every single nation in Europe. In addition, they’d love to swamp our American shores with Muslims even more than they already do. Taheri can’t see the “logic” in maintaining a European Union that is overwhelmingly Christian, but in fact, the “logic” is to keep Western Christian civilization intact in Western Europe. That “single dogmatic brand of Christianity” is the cornerstone of glorious Western civilization in Europe.

In a related note, the Left’s hatred for white Christianity and their twisted commitment to forced integration and diversity is the reason why Europe will become a hotbed for secessionist movements, with perhaps the most compelling being that which is currently taking place in Belgium. The heroic Flanders is attempting to secede from the Belgian state because the Belgian regime is not only corrupt, but it has allowed Belgium to become a haven for Muslim terrorists for the reason that “quick citizenship” in that nation is almost a certainty due to the granting of citizenship status “on demand.”

Belgium is truly a nation without an identity, for there is no existing Belgian

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