The Most Dangerous People in America

Tuesday, October 13, 2009
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Those horrible individuals who choose to voluntarily associate with others based on common attributes. It’s called Whitopia, and this is a feature in Time magazine.

Traveling some 27,000 miles, African-American journalist Rich Benjamin roamed the United States from 2007 to 2009 exploring a major demographic shift that’s attracting remarkably little attention — the flight of white residents from cities and integrated suburbs into cloistered, racially homogeneous enclaves. Tidy communities such as St. George, Utah and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — places Benjamin calls Whitopias — have grown at triple the rate of America’s cities in recent years, raising troubling questions about the country’s multiracial cohesion.

Mr. Benjamin is asked, “What is the danger Whitopias pose to America as a whole?” He replies, “You can call me old-fashioned, but I’m an integrationist. A democracy can’t function at its optimum unless all members are integrated as full members.” He also says that $800 billion in “stimulus money” should be used to rebuild (an integrated) America. He is also shocked and confused that people in Whitopia are hostile to high taxes, and he’s amazed they think they are paying too much in taxes already.

And this from a guy – he’s a Stanford PhD (no surprise there) – who seems to be very amicable and perceptive, rather than hostile or crazy, like most of these “remake America” Marxists. The people who consistently obsess on race, and how people live and who they live with, are social engineering troublemakers/aggressors who desire to treat people like laboratory rats, remaking society into some twisted utopia they discovered could exist, thanks to their college textbooks and radical, left-wing, freedom-hating professors. The libertarian vision is to leave people alone. Tough, I know. Thanks to Vince for the link.

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