The Militant Homosexual Left: Shawn

Sunday, October 27, 2002
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The Militant Homosexual Left: Shawn O’Hearn is apparently a prominent leader in the San Francisco queer movement. Here is a sick article by O’Hearn that spells out the agenda for the militant gay Left; that is, to enforce the notion that male-on-male sex is purely natural, along with being the ultimate human sexual experience. Note he says “us gay men need to assist our supposedly straight brothers in the enjoyment of man-on-man sex.” NOTE: to enlarge this newspaper article, hold your cursor over it until an icon appears in the lower right-hand corner, and click on the icon to enlarge the photo.

In perusing Shawn O’Hearn’s writings on the interent, he apperars to be some sort of a pinko-homo that blames government for the outbreak of AIDS, along with blaming the world for the lack of good treatment for it. Here is a quote from a piece he wrote on the dangers of AIDS drug treatments (while at the same time, he amazingly endorses promiscuous, uncompromising anal sex): “Every gay man is entitled to live a strong, healthy life of quality that begins not by willingly consuming deadly chemicals. Clear your body of parasites that can unknowingly leech it of critical vitamins and minerals. Eat unprocessed and nutritious food. Have lots of great man on man sex.”
According to O’Hearn, leading a moral, virtuous lifestyle that involves high standards, healthy lifestyle choices, and well-chosen, monogamous relationships is living life on the “puritanical right.”

Is it AIDS dementia, or is he just a sick excuse for a human being?

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