The Michigan Child Obesity Registry

Wednesday, September 14, 2011
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The state of Michigan is going to force doctors to report the BMI of their child patients to the state.

Gov. Rick Snyder plans to direct doctors in Michigan to begin monitoring the body weight of their young patients and provide the data to a state registry in one of the most extensive government efforts to address the growing problem of pediatric obesity, the Associated Press has learned.

…The body mass index statistics for patients under 18 would be reported to the Michigan Care Improvement Registry but the children’s identity would remain anonymous. The state already requires doctors to report how many children are immunized.

This is all a part of Big Daddy’s “health and wellness” initiative that the governor will announce today. Tracking your child’s personal statistics in a government registry is one more step into tyranny under the umbrella of the “war” on obesity. Here’s a peculiar statement from the article: “The National Institutes of Health is funding research programs to see if pediatricians, in the 20 minutes they generally have with a patient in their office, can make a difference in patients’ behavior by offering advice on better eating and exercise habits.” And we are talking about pediatricians and family physicians who typically have little to no training in nutrition or weight management, or, they are fat, or even obese,¬†and should not be giving their shoddy “advice” to anyone. Is the state going to require these doctors who give advice to report their BMI?

If you want something to listen to today, tune in to Jimmy Moore’s podcast with Dr. Tracey Green, an obese MD who knew nothing about nutrition (as with most MDs), and turned her life around by educating herself in the paleo/low-carb way. And she is a state health officer in Nevada who is penetrating the system and trying to bring real science and practicality to the state’s nutritional programs.

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