The Market for Young Females/Males

Saturday, April 24, 2010
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This is rather disturbing: a 14-year-old girl was found to be employed as a topless dancer/stripper at a Detroit sleaze club. You can see what the All-Star topless bar looks like in this photo. Look at all of the ostentatious gold trim, etc. This whole area of Detroit is a porn dive, and nearby, in the southern ‘burbs, there are some of the worst trailer parks in the history of mankind (where Eminem grew up). I spent some time hanging in that gang-infested area as a post-high school teenager, back when I was dipping my toes into trouble, before I completely escaped the trap of being stupid for life.

The most disturbing part is not that this girl wanted to work as a stripper. While that is unfortunate, what you can read into the story is that her mother did not know where her 14-year-old daughter was, night after night, for a long time. After all, the girl discovered that making money was a way out of poverty, and so she pursued the only route she knew.

The hard part to digest is a great tragedy of our culture, in my opinion: there’s a huge market for young girls and sex. Older men – and old men – gawking at children as if they are receptacles for their penis. I cannot tell you how many times I am in public where young girls are walking around in revealing clothes (or just looking “sexual”), and I catch men – much older men – whipping their necks around to take in the show. I see it all the time, and in fact, I look for it and predict it when a gaggle of cute girls walk by a thirty-something or forty-something (or older). They think no one is watching them watch the young girls. They make the decision that drooling over a child – a 15-year-old in tight shorts – is appropriate conduct. Yeah, call me a silly “conservative,” but this is highly disturbing to me.

I remember seeing some very sexual (huge) posters up in a retail clothing store in Cancun a few years ago – the model appeared (and purposely so) to be about 12 – 14 years old, selling sex to the masses walking by.

Before we think this alarming behavior is occurring only in the male arena, a sickening trend is the female teacher-young boy sexual rage. These stories have been peppering the media for years. Last month, WorldnetDaily put together a “Big List” of female teachers who got it on with young boys. It is a huge list. Read this one:

Adrienne Laflamme, 60: Science teacher at the Brevard County Juvenile Detention Center in Cocoa, Fla., was arrested June 25, 2008, for having a four-week heated affair with an inmate student, 17, within days of his release. The boy’s mother said the teacher regularly picked him up from their home to have sex at her own residence. Laflamme had sex with the student at least 15 times, including one threesome with a 14-year-old boy. She has been charged with 15 counts of unlawful sex with minors and one count of filing a false police report.

I often hear people joke about these kinds of cases, with guys making “attaboy” comments. And of course, while older men have to bait/persuade young girls to have sex, young boys want to have sex with older women. But women becoming sexual predators is a frightening sign of the times to come. I cannot even process why any women would desire to partner with little boys for sex. In trying to understand the “attraction,” I am dumbfounded.

On that note, I find it hilarious and pathetic that a new “fitness” fad is pole dancing (or strippercise). We’re talking about insecure suburban moms and career women who have a need to act like whores and gyrate against a pole to be fulfilled, and they disguise this as “fitness.” These classes are taking off because …. there’s a market for such utter nonsense.

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11 Responses to The Market for Young Females/Males

  1. Shannon says:

    April 24th, 2010 at 9:41 pm

    This is a very sad trend. I see how young girls dress in general and am appalled. Tight pants with the words “juicy” or “princess” embroidered on the backside, mid-riff tops, etc. I have to wonder where the parents are in these situations and if they even give a flying hoot about the well-being of their children.

  2. cousin lucky says:

    April 25th, 2010 at 3:18 am

    We may not like it but the fact is that ” Our Society ” is crumbling morally and physically!! It is sickening to see teenage children selling drugs or their bodies in order to make money. Some of them have had Zero upbringing and they are on a sure path to early death or long imprisonment.

    Instead of our youth being our society’s greatest asset they are becoming our greatest problem; a problem that ” our leaders ” deny rather than properly and effectively deal with!! We are just swirling around in the toilet bowl of ruin as we flush ourselves down the drain!! It is just pitiful!!!

  3. Karen De Coster says:

    April 25th, 2010 at 6:48 am

    Don’t forget the “bad girl” shirts, or the ones that say “easy.” They are all virtual whores. Tramps, skanks, hussies, and low-level prostitutes. Individualist women don’t act like that because they don’t walk around with their self-esteem in the fog of the unknown. It’s the collectivist/feel-good environment of the public schools that breeds this behavior. I have never seen a homeschooled girl (and I have met many) who looks/dresses like these young tramps.

  4. Michael says:

    April 25th, 2010 at 10:13 am

    More moral decay. I think the most telling part of that story Karen is the fact that the 14-year-old’s mother has no idea where her child was night after night. I certainly have no qualms about an adult making the decision to partake in these type of activities, but to hear of a report that a child is dancing in one of these establishments is probably a harbinger of things to come.

    Moreover, it’s disconcerting to see children (12-, 13-, 14-year-olds, etc.) to be wearing attire that’s suited for their 24-year-old sisters. I see it all the time. And I think they’re getting younger and younger.

    Sorry, I can’t help but innocently glance at the 20 and 30-somethings though! (so long as my wife doesn’t catch me!)

  5. Jeannie Queenie says:

    April 25th, 2010 at 4:51 pm

    I think we can thank the single mom phenom for much of this. When a girl has no father figure to put limits on her or direct her, and she has a pathetic, juvenile mother, what chance does the poor girl have. Some of these mindless mothers have the girls ears pierced by 8 yrs, and in training bras by age 10. One wonders if the ‘training’ is for two years down the road, where this girl is online and answering come-ons from creeps galore.

    Face it, this country has been in frightening, foolish, familial, free fall since the sick sixties, thus, proving hatred for kids for decades since then. The fact that 1/2 of US births are to single mothers, shows just how far we have fallen in the idea of family, and lest you think that homeschooling will help, it isn’t always the case. Even a sister in law who homeschooled her
    three kids, found it to be no panacea against the larger corrupt culture. One daughter has been knocked up twice now by two different guys and she is landlocked with 2 kids she poorly copes with, and hasn’t the financial tools she needs. You can be rest assured that this is the way greedy gov’t wants it to be…called divide and conquer…the way of the commie clones.

    They aided the feminist movement, and got a real recipe for disaster. Stir in family breakups/divorce, or sadly, single moms, along with juvenile adult men totally tripped on faux sex rather than getting it on with an adult mature woman, and then you have a govt able to control all the morons who bought into the game. You better think that the muslims in this country who desire to inject Sharia law here someday, are having a heyday with this most devastating scene and attack on american soil.

    They don’t have to do a damn thing to rip us asunder for too many americans are doing it for them. Tear down the basic unit of any culture, the family, and you have ripe pickings for taking over those without a firm foundation. If the muslims were to ever gain power, you would see bikinis turn into burkas faster than you can say ala uck bar. No news that single moms raise weak sons most the time, and those sons often grow into the fatherless/clueless men who then prey on young girls. It is all so circular, so corrupt and so contrived by a govt that gives two shts about the family and hellbent on destroying the basic unit/family…makes brainwashing much easier, don’t you think?

    Just a look at the latest SEC scandal that broke three days ago about key SEC guys spending the entire freaking day online watching porn–on YOUR DOLLAR by the way, tells you just how miserable these mother fr’s are. They’re supposed to be the ones, a govt regulatory agency, that we trust to be watching the market and helping you to keep those retirement plans going. So instead of those 401k’s going, these bozos were coming as they sat sweating and creepily convulsing over cleavage and crotches.
    Heard from the grapevine that Bernie Madoff was paying off SEC guys to ignore what he was doing..
    So in a queer twist, while Madoff made off with millions/billions, the fellow corrupters winked and whacked off at the same time.
    And now we are told this week that Obama wants more REGULATORY on these agencies and wall st, et al. What a joke this is…the only thing we will see that is “regular” is chronic, broken, corrupt crap emanating from immoral, monstrous men.

  6. Iluvatar says:

    April 26th, 2010 at 1:31 am

    Let me ground you for just a moment?

    What was the basic message?

    It was about a CHILD who had WORKING OVARY GLANDS working in a strip joint. OKAY; think I got that.

    And I think that is the grounding position: YOU(???) are actually attracted to a GIRL- a CHILD- who has has functioning OVARY glands??
    Are you sriously f*cked up or what?

    There are about 3 vectors that substantiate a response:

    1) Haven’t you ever figured out that having ANY form of relationship with another person does not wok out to well IF it is all about the SEX??? Geeze, loiuze, Jeannie would have nailed that in your head!!!

    Vector 2: I am really getting sick of (uh, like my my next door neighbors??!!) dressing the daughters up in costumes that serve as their daily wear when it is WAY tooo frilly! C’mon man!!! What “iz” up w/ those “Pool Moms” anyway – are you really trying to marry your daughter off soon?? That is SO BONKED@!!

    3Vector 3) This demostrates nothing more tham 1 more seam that has busted at the fabric of society. this would be “punny” if iut were not so serious – you ACTUALLY HAVE TO BE ABLE TO BREATH IF YOU ARE GOING TO WEAR THAT!!

    Hey, god?, give us hand here; we could use your help?

  7. Iluvatar says:

    April 26th, 2010 at 10:46 pm

    Hey Folks

    That last post was AWFUL in the typos – please accept my apologies – I am working a new keyboard that makes me look like a complete illiterate.

    I just did a running tally among the cube-mates here:

    After reading that the EPA declared CO2 (carbon dioxide) a new pollutant (we now have to have a regulated carbon-”footprint”), the FDA declaring that HFCS was “natural”; and the unconstitional take-over of Health Care by Big Gov; and finally the FDA declaration that “tanning beds” lead to drug addiction.

    I asked them? Could you manage to dream this shiite up all by yourself?????????????????

    Their unanimous answer: was: NO!

    Trust me on this one; this is Twilight Zone shiite. We are in fricking TZ! We, as serious people; couldn’t EVEN make this shiite up! The acronym MSU (making shiite up)is now becoming very popular.

    Hills, gun, cabin, food supplies, gold & silver – we’re done. We ARE in the Twilight Zone now! It is very hard for me to accept – and I struggle with this daily. But man; we ARE there! What a shame…

    OFF POINT: What are the the folks who still have power doing? Guys like Di Lorenzo, Woods, Napolitano, Ron Paul. Can you status us on that? Are these guys gonna make a run for power or what? Do we have hope>? (definitely not grinning here…)

  8. Ymbel Diaz says:

    April 27th, 2010 at 10:43 am

    It’s time to crack open Camille Paglia, Walter Block and Quentin Crisp(Sexual Persona,Defending the undefendable and Manners from heaven- respectfully).

    Libertarian ambulance arriving at scene-”Where’s the victim!”

    I agree 100% with the moral decline and decay of our society-folks we’re living in Sodom and Gomorra,what do you expect. And in all fairness to the strip club owner was he openly advertising-”World’s youngest stripper-only 14″. I’m sure she tried and did look much older than that. And when it comes to the phenomena of 12 and 14 year old girls(I wouldn’t say children, not when most girls in the world reach sexual maturity between the ages of 12 and 14. It’s just in our society that sexual maturity and adulthood is reached once you’ve received your Bachelors degree from some accredited college) having the ability to cause mens necks to crane, didn’t Nabakov deal with this issue. And yes, it is very disturbing seeing young girls unaware of how to carry themselves in public. The private has now become the public. I remember being puzzled over the phenomena of private buildings,houses and even cars being graffiti when such acts were reserved to public intitutions. And then it hit me. The line between public and private is becoming blurred and these “artist” are just stating that fact that we can only acknowlegde by condemnig the messenger.

  9. Sal says:

    April 27th, 2010 at 7:41 pm

    >>I can only think of Van Halen’s 1984 song, Hot for Teacher….That video would never make it on to the boob tube today….Every rights group with every moniker under the sun would scream exploitation and child abuse if that song were written…..Isn’t society much more wholesome 26 years later? ;-)

    Music Video:

  10. clark says:

    April 28th, 2010 at 12:36 pm

    The 14yr old stripper is the result of moral hazard perhaps?
    Everyone on the bottom sees the big players at the top stealing the country blind, TSA using scanners to photograph everyone and their children naked, most every move in public is under constant CCTV no matter if it’s not sociably acceptable to do so, the concept of private property is ignored, why should the little people obey norms and such if the people at the top or in between do not? [Not that I advocate it or think it's ok.] Maybe stuff like this 14yr old stripper is why it’s more important for leaders and government to be held to higher standards than the little people, the effects are far more wide ranging.

    Is it like with the rubber necking example above? Some people might call an old man gawking at a half naked teen who looks 25 disgusting, while others might use the same words to describe those who point out the flaws of people and mock them because of it and even going so far as to create a photo gallery for that purpose. The two groups do seem to be about the same, getting a cheap thrill, analyzing the bodies as works of art, good or bad, some even unable to take their eyes off what’s in front of them, as if they can’t help themselves… sounds familiar, so some here can relate to that I suspect and others might decide if those people can laugh and stare at the misfortune or uglyness of others, why the fuck care if eyes linger too long at something beautiful? A slippery moral hazard slope?

    Insert picture of women staring at and commenting on a naked child bathtub photo here, “Look at that, he/she is sooo cute.”

    For many people, their great grandmother was a 14yr old mother and a woman, not a child, and their great grandfather wasn’t a creep for marrying her. For some other people, their great grandparents might have had a wider gap in the ages of the two, it was common, were they perverts for doing so? It seems like today’s world would say yes,… that is disgusting.

    Moral hazards create unintended unforeseen consequences.

    Maybe because our society arbitrarily allocates a certain age bracket as “child” is why so many people refuse to grow up, why so many people act like children when they are in their early 20′s and 30′s?

    A 14yr old is not a child… as so many of my fellows have said, thousands of times in hundreds of places, “If it bleeds, it breeds.” And if ya got a problem with that, your beef is with “society” or God, and not yours truly.

  11. clark says:

    April 28th, 2010 at 12:39 pm

    “…The line between public and private is becoming blurred.”

    Blurred? It’s gone.

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