The Joke of Wii is on You

Sunday, July 27, 2008
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Don’t ever mention Wii and “workout” in the same sentence again.

I have discovered, via people I know, that they use the notion of Wii as a “workout” activity as an excuse to buy and play stupid video games. Play these idiot boxes all you want, but don’t dare consider this a workout or a “fitness” routine. It makes you look like a marketing strategist’s favorite idiot. Your butt ain’t gonna be any less fat than if you don’t engage this rip-off gimmick.

Another one of my favorite “workout” gimmicks is this thing called iGallop. You actually sit on this thing in front of the tv (which is how they market it), and it vibrates you as you “ride your way to fitness.” If there is a single person out there who believes this nonsense, they deserve both Wii and iGallop.

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