The Immigration Question

Wednesday, May 21, 2008
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Occasionally, the best blog is a blog that links to something which you want to point out, and then you say nothing more than: I am speechless.

Okay, I’m not totally speechless so maybe this isn’t the best blog.

If someone thinks that this disordered mania is superior to this powerful piece, than that someone is delusional. Butler Shaffer also had a hand in making things make sense.

The immigration issue is so debated, and each side talks over the other, but one thing is sure, and that is that the far ends on each side of the immigration issue are demented. There’s the fence-building, hate-all-immigrant nuts who obsess 24/7 on “illegals” and want to empower the police state to bring it all under control. Then there’s the politically correct-obsessed bastards (think leftists and pc-Beltway libertarians) who think that anyone who doesn’t want to live smack dab in the center of a barrio or a mosque or a ghetto is a goddamn racist.

I came across this lunacy today – Republifacists celebrating the state and its assorted police powers, including Homeland Security.

As Butler points out, America doesn’t own property, individuals (or voluntary collectives) own property, and only they can forbid trespass. Someone at VDare ain’t be processing that fact. Oh well.

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